Brave chengguan holds onto back of car to escape

A chengguan officer in Hunan province recently showed off his incredible devotion to the cause of stopping street vendors.

Chengguan are Chinas infamous urban management officers, tasked with enforcing various routine regulations in cities and known for their tendency to go overboard when dealing with petty misdemeanors.

In this latest case, officers in Shimen county spotted aguy illegally selling CDs from his car on the roadside.

When they approached to investigate, the man hurriedly backed up his car and drove away. However, refusing to let him escape, one officer jumped onto the back of the vehicle.

He was then left with no other choice but to hold on for dear life as the car sped along a road. Footage from a vehicle following behind shows the officer holding on tight as the car goes through a tunnel.

Fortunately, the car was forced to stop by some good Samaritan motorists. The CD peddler apologized to the officer for giving him such a frightening ride and has accepted punishment.



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