Courier company uses mannequins as security inspectors

A Chinese courier company has found itself in a bit of trouble after being exposed for using mannequins as security inspectors.
Footage from inside a rural branch outlet of ZTO Express in Luyi county, Henan province shows the dummy, dressed in a company uniform, hard at work while seated behind a desk and surrounded by packages.
The mannequins were reportedly on duty for several months earlier this year to save on labor costs.

The issue was first reported to higher-ups internally with one worker telling reporters that her job was threatened by a manager if she told others about what had been going on.
When the story first broke earlier this week, ZTO Express denied the veracity of the video, claiming that the whole thing had been staged.
However, on Wednesday, the local postal administration wrapped up its investigation into the matter and announced that, in fact, mannequins had really been positioned behind security desks.
Administrative penalties have been imposed upon the company. \n

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