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Summer is here, the weather in Hangzhou is really hot and humid, and a lot of rain!
Every day I hear students discussing the weather and their feelings. I believe everyone already knew some expressions about the degree, but you may often just use "hen", "feichang", "tai"...Let's learn some other words to say Extremely in Chinese! Check it out!



Here, le doesnt indicate past tense, the whole structure indicates extremely;too.

Examples:Jig ti gu le.The price is too expensive.T zhng de ti shui le.He is so handsome.


cho jsuper

cho( j)+Adj..

Examples:Losh shngq de shhou choj xing.My teacher is super fierce when she is angry.W cho xing n.I miss you so much.


jpole; extremity

Adj.+j le

ExamplesWidao ho j le!That tastes really really good!N de yngy zhnsh bng j le!Your English is really amazing!


s ledead

Adj.+/sb.s le

ExamplesN b w q s le!You make me so mad!Zh tinq r s bobao le.The weather is so hot for me.(call me baby)


chng gubecome a dog

Adj.+chng gu

Examples:Xilngyng de shhou mng chng gu.Extremely busy (as a dog) during the summer camp.Zujn tintin jibn, li chng gu le.I have been working overtime every day recently, and I was so tired like a dog.


yo mng drive sb. to his/her death;kill

Adj.+de yomng

Examples:Zh c kosh nn de yomng.The exam was extremely difficult.Ti gn le, w k de yomng.Its too dry, I am terribly thirsty.


b d liono end of trouble; desperately serious

Adj.+de b d lio

ExamplesT n le dy, goxng de b d lio.She won the first prize and was extremely happy.W de y tng de b d lio.I suffers terribly with my teeth.


b xng (le)be dying; be failing

Adj.+de bxng (le)

Examples:Dji shng rnao de bxng.The streets are extremely busy.Xi do zhl, w yjng kn de bxng le.Writing here, I am already really sleepy now.

Have you learnt it? Welcome to share your sentences, any idea or suggestion in our comments.  See you next time!

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