Dude in deep shit after flinging bag of poo at restaurant

After his plans to take his family out for dinner fell through, a man in Shanghai responded by flinging a bag of feces at the restaurant that so inconvenienced him.
Surveillance footage from the restaurant on Madang Road in Shanghais downtown Huangpu district shows the guy hurl the shit bag right in front of the establishments entrance at around 3 am last Monday morning before driving off on a scooter.

Workers arrived hours later to find the stinking plastic bag and were forced to delay opening for a bit while they cleaned up the mess.
Police were then called. After checking out the CCTV footage, they were able to identify the culprit, surnamed Wang, and track him down by that afternoon.
Wang explained that the previous night he had wanted to take his family to eat at the restaurant but there was a long line. He ended up quarreling with one of the workers and went off in a huff, planning to take revenge.
For his crime, Wang has been placed in administrative detention for 15 days.



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