Dude walks over to ambulance with knife in his skull

Footage has hit the Chinese internet recently of a man walking around Chongqing with a knife sticking out of his head.
In one clip, the guy is being helped across a road while in another a paramedic is hooking him up to a drip bag before he gets into an ambulance. During all these activities, there is a blade protruding out from the back of his skull.
Initially, the clip caught fire because it was rumored the knife had fallen down from a high-rise apartment building onto the mans head. However, local police publicly dismissed these rumors, confirming that the knife became stuck in his skull during some sort of brawl.
A further pair of images shows what happened when the man arrived at the hospital. In one he is lying face-down on a hospital bed and in the other he is in the same position but with his head shaved to prepare for surgery.



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