German expat caught driving submarine-shaped vehicle around city

A German expat has been fined for driving a small vehicle that was sort of shaped like a submarine through the streets on Shanghai.
Surveillance footage from an intersection in Changning district shows the unusual car making turns and zipping down roads before being stopped by traffic police who inform the driver that he is not permitted to drive this type of vehicle in the city.
I dont believe it. This is a bicycle, the foreigner replies in Chinese to the officer.
When the officer rejects that explanation and asks him to get out, the foreigner responds with the classic ting bu dong, meaning that he doesnt understand what the officer is trying to tell him.

In the end, the German was fined a mere 100 yuan ($14) for piloting the vehicle on the street. It was seized by police until he could produce a receipt for its purchase.
Apparently, he bought it abroad for 8,000 euros ($9,000) and thought he would be able to drive it in China since it generated power by being pedaled like a bicycle.
He also attached a little Chinese flag to the back for good measure.

The man was pulled over on Friday. Had he been driving the sub-like vehicle on Monday, perhaps he would have gotten away with it with heavy rains pounding the city.



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