Homesick camel walks 100 km through desert looking for old owner

There are many stories about loyal dogs traveling long distances to return to their owners but did you know that camels are even more faithful?
camel in Inner Mongolia recently walked more than 100 kilometers trying to get back home after its former owner sold the animal to a friend last year.After spending the winter and spring with its new owner, the camel ran away on June 27. Over the next week, it trekked more than 62 miles across the deserts of Inner Mongolia in the direction of its former home before being spotted by a local herdsman.
That herdsman managed to contact the camels most recent owner, however, when its former owner heard about the tale, he contacted his friend to cut a new deal.
The former owner offered his friend another, younger camel in exchange for the homesick animal.

After being reunited with the camel, the owner found numerous cuts and wounds on its body sustained during its long journey in which it had to cross streams, fences, and highways.
He has promised that the animal will never again have to endure such hardship, vowing never to sell it and making it part of his family.



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