Hunan Has Its First Local-based Airline


The Hunan Hongtu Airlines Co., Ltd. was settled in the Changsha Airport Economic Demonstration Zone on July 2. It is Hunans first local airline.

Formerly the Yunnan Hongtu Airlines, it changed its registered address into Changsha and was renamed the Hunan Hongtu Airlines on December 7 last year.

This May, the major operator of the airline was changed from Kunming Changshui Airport to Changsha Huanghua International Airport, supported by the Hunan Provincial Peoples Government and the Hunan Airport Corporation, and approved by the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) Central and Southern Regional Administration. It will complete all approval processes and be renamed in this November.

The airline has two flights operated overnight in Changsha airport, and opened flights from Changsha to Hailar, Wuxi, Xining, and Kunming. Next, it will add a Changsha-Lancang-Quanzhou route.

The Hongtu Airlines will focus on integrating into Changshas 4-hour aviation economic circle, and striving to obtain international service qualification. It will operate more flights from Changsha to Southeast and Northeast Asia, said Wu Jiazhu, chairperson of the airline.

According to the Hunan Development and Reform Commission, the new local airline will help increase Hunans resources for launching new air routes. Meanwhile, it will leverage internet plus aviation and tourism-based features into boosting a coordinated development of passenger transport, freight transport, and research and development, so as to build an aviation industrial cluster with Hunan characteristics.


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