IKEA to open new downtown location in Shanghai this week

Those Shanghai residents who have been wishing not to have to travel all the way out to the outskirts to go IKEA to pick up a new lamp have finally had their prayers answered.
On Thursday, the Swedish furniture giant will open Chinas first IKEA City store in downtown Shanghai. The three-story, 3,000 square meter outlet on West Nanjing Road will boast a modest array of 3,500 items for sale, as well as serving up set menus and bento boxes.
As the name would suggest, IKEA City stores are IKEA outlets located in the hearts of cities. They are significantly smaller and more compact than those sprawling outlets in the suburbs, allowing customers a quicker, more efficient shopping experience while the company taps into a different kind of market.

IKEA remains tremendously popular in China with around 30 stores operating in the country. Chinese customers appreciate not only the chains wide assortment of home accessories but also its lenient rules on napping.



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