Kids playing around at museum break worlds largest glass castle

The worlds largest glass blown castle was partly shattered recently by kids playing inside the Shanghai Museum of Glass.
Made by Spanish glassblower Miguel Arribas after 500 hours of work, the Fantasy Castle is based upon the famous Cinderella Castle at Disney World. It was given to the museum back in 2016 and is worth around 450,000 yuan ($64,000), boasting spires made with 24-karat gold.
Two children visiting the museum were reportedly chasing after each other when they crossed the belt barrier and bumped into the display case, causing the castle to fall, breaking the main spire and damaging other parts of the structure.
While the accident occurred back in May, the museum only revealed what had happened in a statement over the weekend.

The museum said that it is hoping to have Arribas artists brought in to repair the damage, however, because of current coronavirus-caused travel restrictions, they are unable to come to China.

Meanwhile, the parents of the two children have apologized and promised to take responsibility for the repairs, though its not what exactly that means at this time.
The incident has brought back to mind a similar one that happened at the same Shanghai museum back in 2016 when a couple of parents gleefully filmed their kids tearing apart a pair of angel wings made of glass.

After learning about the incident, the Chinese artist Shelly Xue decided to just leave the mangled piece in its damaged state, choosing to change the name of the work to Broken while the museum set up a screen to loop the security footage showing exactly how it got this new name.



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