Metro Lines 3 & 5 To Open + 2 Tram Lines Announced

Images and information from a variety of sources including HN Daily, Changsha.gov.cn and cswbweixin

There is light at the end of the tunnel! After a turbulant year, the completion of Changsha's two newest, long-distance Metro lines, Lines 3 and 5, is drawing near linking the four corners of the 'Sha.

The Changsha Metro map now resembles a British flag pattern with the existing lines now connecting Xingsha with the far South West (Yanghu Park area) and South East alongside the existing Lines 1 and 2 which link Hexi, Kaifu district and South Train Station (for high speed rail services and the airport Maglev). Martyrs Park now becomes connected, as does the Botanical Park located near the old South Bus Station. Furthermore, all station have child care facilities and can accept the QR payment scans for ticket purchases.

The Metro Line 3 has 25 station and runs from Shantang Station (Yuelu) to Guangsheng Station (in Changsha County).

The Metro Line 5 has 18 stations and starts from Maozhutang Station (Yuhua) and goes to Shuiduhe Station (Changsha County).

The long term plan...

  • Changsha to Build Two Tram Lines in 2022   

A recently released announcement by the Hunan Development and Reform Commission stated that two tram lines, namely, Malanshan Tram Line and Meixihu High-tech Zone Tram Line, will be built in Changsha.

The small-volume rail transit public transport has a smaller passenger capacity and a lower operation speed than large-volume one such as subways. And the trams generally run on the ground. The total length of the Malanshan Tram Line and Meixihu High-tech Zone Tram Line is 18.2 kilometers, with 23 stations and a total investment of 3.736 billion yuan.

The Malanshan Tram Line starts from the east gate of Hunan Martyrs Park and ends at South Central Automobile World Station. It is 7.9 kilometers long with 10 stations. The 10.3-km Meixihu High-tech Zone Tram Line starts from the Meixihu International Culture & Arts Center and ends at the Yuelu Avenue and Huizhi Road intersection. It has 13 stations.

The two lines, in accordance with the principles of being modern, safe, efficient, green and economic, will be well linked up with the planning of relevant urban rail transit projects to facilitate transfer at important hub stations, coordinate with urban bus lines and footpaths, and achieve connectivity of multiple modes of transportation.

Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn

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