Neighbor smoothly catches toddler falling from 5th floor

One man in Jiangsu province has been praised for his bravery and dexterity after managing to catch a toddler who fell from the fifth floor of an apartment building.
Video from the residential community in the city of Huaian shows the 2-year-old boy climbing on an air-conditioning unit dozens of feet off the crowd before losing his strength and going spiraling to the ground.
Fortunately, a crowd of people were on hand below with one neighbor making an extremely clean and impressive catch, saving the kid from any serious damage.

The boy was reportedly left home alone and had used a stool to climb up and out of his bedroom window.
Meanwhile, the neighbor, surnamed Li, had organized a group of people to stand underneath with a blanket after spotting the toddler out on the ledge.
Fearing that he might land on a glass awning before hitting the blanket, Li stood of a stool to catch the kid as soon as he possibly could.
In the end, the boy suffered no serious injuries thanks to his heroics. Li himself suffered a bruised arm.



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