One-legged Chinese baller inspires others with his hard work

A 26-year-old man with one leg is inspiring Chinese netizens with his skill and passion for basketball.
Luo Xiangjian of Kunming lost his right leg in an accident when he was only five years old. Despite this obstacle, he developed a love for basketball in junior high school and has been training ever since to play at a high level.
Clips of Luo on the court have gone viral recently on Chinese social media showing him draining three-pointers.

Luo won a three-point competition and was a torchbearer for the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.
He says that he dreams of starting his own basketball club in the future and using his money to help rural children born in Yunnans mountains.
The only one who can defeat me is myself, he says to keep himself working hard.
That sentiment is shared by another inspirational basketball figure who became famous in China last month.
14-year-old Zhang Jiacheng received praise from the likes of Stephen Curry and got to step on the court at the re-launch of the Chinese Basketball Association after his own clips started circulating online, showing off his insane handles despite having only one arm.



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