Over 1,000 boxes of Moutai spill out from overloaded truck

A rather expensive spill occurred recently in Shanghai with hundreds of boxes of Chinas most prized liquor being scattered on the street.
Surveillance footage from an intersection in Changning District shows a truck making a U-turn when its side simply opens up, causing more than 1,000 boxes of Moutai to tumble to the ground in an instant.
Moutai (or Maotai) is an infamously strong and pricey brand of baijiu favored by big shots across the Middle Kingdom. A single bottle of Kweichow Moutai can set you back at least 900 yuan ($128).
The total economic loss of this spill has not been reported. The driver told reporters that whether its one bottle or 10,000 bottles lost, he cant afford it.

The truck itself is suspected of being overloaded with an additional three tons more of Moutai than it was supposed to be.



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