Shanghai raises flood warning as heavy rains pour down

The heavy rains that have lashed China for the past month have officially arrived in Shanghai.
Officials raised a Level Four flood warning on Sunday which then rose a Level Three warning on Monday morning as rain continued to pound the city along with fierce winds and frequent lightning.
The rains have resulted in flooding in different parts of the city, slowing traffic and increasing congestion during the morning rush hour. The joke is that Shanghais name has gone from On the Sea () to Sea On Top ().

Fortunately, we appear to have already seen the worst of it with the rainstorms excepted to die down as the week goes on.
Other parts of China, however, will not be so lucky. For more than a month straight, the National Meteorological Center has issued national rainstorm alerts with flooding hitting areas across the southern and western parts of the country.
Its estimated that this years rains have affected more than 20 million people in 26 different provinces and municipalities with nearly 20,000 homes destroyed.



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