Thousands of pigs feet mysteriously wash up on Dongguan beach

Over the weekend, locals living outside the city of Dongguan in Guangdong province were befuddled to find their beach absolutely covered in pigs feet.
The thousands of trotters were discovered on Sunday morning on a 1-kilometer stretch of coastline on Weiyuan Island. It was estimated that taken together the feet may weigh more than 20 tons.
A local management worker told reporters that the appendages had first been noticed late on Saturday night and that they had planned to go out in the morning to clean them up only to be stunned by the sheer quantity of feet.

Following the discovery, Chinese netizens quickly speculated that smugglers were to blame in a scheme attempting to skirt coronavirus regulations that had gone wrong.
However, the mystery of the thousands of trotters has evidently since been solved with local authorities saying that the feet likely came from a ship that capsized off the Nansha (Spratly) Islands and not, as we had expected, from a new species of aqua pigs that had been ambushed by a shiver of sharks with a disliking for trotters.



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