Watch your step! Shanghai vows to fine all jaywalkers 20 yuan.

Shanghai police have launched yet another crackdown against the citywide scourge that is jaywalking, and this time, they arent fucking around.
While the previous policy was to first warn offenders and then warn them again before finally hitting them with a fine, now officers are planning to fine all jaywalkers that they spot without first giving a lecture or a warning.
If you are caught jaywalking in Shanghai, youll have to pay a whopping 20 yuan ($2.86), so that youll be sure to never ever do it again.

According to Shine, on Monday morning, traffic police in Pudong managed to spot more than 20 jaywalkers in an hour trying to illegally cross Huayuanshiqiao Road rather than walking down a bit farther to the zebra crossings.

Only 20 jaywalkers in an hour would make this one of the more orderly portions of road in China where so-called Chinese-style street crossing is ubiquitous despite the inventive efforts of local governments.
A couple of years ago, Shanghai was one of a number of cities around the country that experimented with using surveillance cameras and face recognition software to name and shame jaywalkers, placing their photos on bus stop video screens for their fellow citizens to gawk at.

In 2017, a district in Wuhan tried to address its jaywalking problem by installing some automatic safety gates at one neighborhood intersection. They were removed after only one week following resident complaints.

A few months later, the city tried out a more high-tech method downtown.

Back in 2013, Shanghai authorities attempted to embarrass jaywalkers by making them stand up on a podium and read a newspaper out loud to pedestrians.

But perhaps our personal favorite attempt at cracking down on dangerous street-crossing came in the city of Shenzhen in 2015 when officers forced jaywalkers to wear the green hat.



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