Women get stuck in lift for 4 days, drink own piss to survive

An elderly woman and her daughter recently found themselves trapped in the elevator of their villa home and were forced to survive by drinking their urine.
The 84-year-old woman and her 62-year-old daughter were stuck in the elevatorof their home in the city of Xian for an incredible four days and three nights while the rest of their family was out of town on a trip.
They did not bring their mobile phones with them into the elevator, meaning that they had no way of calling for help when it malfunctioned.
On the bright side, they were able to pull out an iron bar and use it to pry open the elevator doors to get some fresh air. However, when it came to liquids, they had no choice but to drink their own urine to stay alive.
Eventually, the daughter managed to squeeze out the gap between the elevator doors and call for help.

The mother was extremely exhausted and dehydrated after the horrifying experience.
A doctor explained that while ones own urine isnt the best beverage, it can be consumed in emergency situations to keep alive. Without the water from their urine, they likely would not have survived.
Both mother and daughter have been discharged from the hospital. Presumably, their first order of business will be installing an emergency button in their elevator.



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