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  • English language bookshops

  • Reliable property agents

  • Good housecleaning, babysitting services

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Need new (or used) games for your console or just need to fix some IT?

You can buy Xbox, Switch and PS games or fix a laptop, camera or smartphone in the tall 'computer' building (and the surrounding area) directly opposite the Main Bus Station, adjoining the Main Train Station in Changsha. 

The computer 'city' is better known as 'Guo Chu'. 


There are ample, small, independent retailers of games (PS4, Xbox and Switch) who can also fix consoles, controllers and have a go at fixing other aspects of your beloved gaming system. The quality of repairs are usually fairly good but games vary from pirated or authentic. Some retailers also do rentals.


Although there are quite a few small repair shops around the DongTang North area  (metro station DongTang - not many metro stations away from the Main Train Station area) the best area with the widest range of expertise is still inside Guo Chu. A recommended repairer, used by some WNIC members, to fix camera lenses on a Canon digital SLR camera and smartphones, is shown in the below. His unit is located in the basement level of the building (unit number "B-47").

Another worthy phone repairer is the small unit (set next to the McDonalds) of 2C39 who fixes most types of phones and issues.


On the 4th-5th foors of the buiding you can find some laptop repairers. But there are also various smaller buildings behind the main building. 'HeFang' -one such building- houses many small laptop and computer retailers and repairers. Many of them are self-build computers although buying the cheapest model is never recommended. If you want to purchase a decent laptop, you're better off visiting Suning or Gome (major electronics retailers) which have commercial centres across the city. These only sell genuine products and they also deliver. They usually also have small and reputable laptop and smartphone repairers in-store. 

Here is the Suning website: www.suning.com

Check the Operating System (e.g. Windows) is in English before buying. Sometimes they can offer an English version on request. 


Finally, there is a good camera/camcorder sales building opposite the Main Train Station (Xiao Yuan). These products are negotiable. You can find all kinds of small gadgets in and around the buildings and floors. Have a wonder. Be sure to look around before making a final decision. Most shops will close around 5:30pm or 6pm.


Get there is easy by metro and a whole range of buses terminate at or pass by the train station.

Area name for taxi:

hu ch zhn

NOTE: This area is not to be confused with the South Train Station area, which is significantly further away for high speed rail services.


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