Vote Now: 2020 Changsha Employer Awards!

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WNIC Changsha Employer Awards 2020!

If you are a foreign employee, then this is finally YOUR chance to vote up your employer so they get recognition! Don't delay, if your place is a good workplace, let us know. Good employers need encouragement, just as bad companies need a stern kick up the ass. This is also your chance to let us know of any underperforming employers out there.

Why does WNIC care?

Well, simple. We get contacted almost daily by expats who are both looking for a new job as well as want to know if a new employer is good or not. Hence, our awards list will help. It's also a simple gesture that praises those better employers of foreign talent in a sea of dubious and downright scammy businesses.

What should you consider?

Anything really. There's no particular area or focus. But we do ask not to focus on your income level. Think about the more internal processes of the company. This could include things like, internal communication, ongoing staff training, a pleasant place to work, visa paperwork efficiency and any other help you may have received. Try not to focus on any one colleague (for example, a Chinese colleague who helps in all areas of your work) but on the organisation as a whole and their leadership style.

Does WNIC get anything out of this?

Nope. Nothing. We do this because it helps raise the level of communication between foreigners when considering where to work and if a place is worthy.

What do the winners get?

The top 5 employers will be listed in a follow-up WNIC article and be sent an digital certificate which they can display in their office. They can include this in their recruitment advertising and to their own local customers as a measure of their excellence (in terms of how they handle foreign employers anyway). The 1st placed employer will also get their own WNIC wechat article introduction to help them find new foreign staff and expand. Afterall, we all want good employers to grow and bad employers to learn a lesson, right?

Who can vote?

Sadly, only foreign nationals are allowed to vote - these awards are all about how foreigners feel they are treated by their employers. That's the whole point. Also, there is a practice by some employers to impersonate foreigners to get their company as many votes as possible. For this reason, foreigners voting must also show a screenshot showing that they are followers of WNIC. Then we can check that on our internal system. We want a clean race without accusations of malpractice and unfairness.

What if my employer is awful?

Yes, you can also let us know if your employer causes you a lot of stress, underpays you, has given you the wrong visa type or simply if it's not a nice place to work at. We cannot publish these employers as the scope of our awards is to praise the best employers out there. But we can let individuals knows if they enquire about specific schools.

How can I nominate my employer?



contact us via our


[email protected] 

You MUST include

1. The name of your employer (English or pinyin)

2. Your FULL name

3. A screenshot of your WNIC official account




15th AUGUST 2020




All employers must be legally licensed employers of foreign nationals (so you should have a working (Z) visa from them), based in Hunan and may or may not be branch specific (meaning, you can nominate a branch of the chain or all the branches belonging to a chain). Any evidence or suspicion of 'fixing' the results will result in the employer being excluded from the process. Only 1 vote per person only. Ideally, you should be currently employed by the employer you are nominating. If not, you should have been employed by them within the last 12 months.



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