Why can't speak Chinese fluently despite learning lots of words?

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Many students asked in our demo classes, especially who are reached intermediate or even advanced level, "I have to say, I have spent a lot of time on learning words and grammar. Why I still can't express myself confidently and fluently?
First of all, we have to understand that:Knowing a large number of words and grammar is not equal to fluency of speaking a language.

It is undeniable that a large number of words and grammar are the basis of fluent expression and speaking.
It likes when we build a house, we have bricks, we have blueprints.
Therefore, if you want to express fluently, you need the following contents:1. Good/standard and fluent pronunciation, especially the tones.2. Very proficient in vocabulary, including pronunciation, meaning, usage and collocation.3. Fluent in grammatical structure.At elementary, you can express basic sentences and topics in the daily life;When youre reach intermediate level, you can carry on the basic long paragraph expression, and talk with a Chinese only in Chinese for 0.5-2 hours.4.     Based on the above three points, we can explain and discuss different topics and scenes.
Learning is a process of continuous improvement and spiral rise.InputOur brain to understand, to practice, to deepen, to master the elements of Chinese language.Output
By speaking and writing.

Fluent expression requires that the speaker can think quickly in Chinese, extract the Chinese reserves from our memory, quickly combine them into sentences to express their own meaning. And meanwhile, the speaker needs to receive and understand the information of the other party.Therefore, the lack of any of the above four points will affect the fluency in communication.
From our years of teaching experience and continuous feedbacks from students, we have proved that the following methods are effective ways to improve your speaking.

1. Enough input

For reading: memorize the words, watch the news and read stories in Chinese, graded reading materials.

Listening: listen to words, phrases, sentences, dialogues and articles suitable for all levels

Besides, we recommend watching some TV series and shows.

Here is some that our students are watching now.

Please add the following QR code, Lili to get more info/ recommendations that suits you.

2. On the basis of the first part, keep practicing until you can blurt out, as fluently as "N ho" without thinking for a while!

At the beginning, you dont need to be perfect and require yourself to be like a Chinese. Step from the correct/right expression, being able to understand each other is a super achievement. It will empower your motivation and self-confidence.

Secondly, we need to constantly ask ourselves to be able to express ourselves in a higher-level way, put what we have learned into practice, to be decent and natural.

Finally, you will more and more talk like a Chinese.

Please take every opportunity around you to speak Chinese, in a taxi or Didi car, with Chinese friends, Chinese colleagues, in bars, in restaurants

The great thing is that most of Chinese people are friendly, patient, although they may not slow down. And they are warming and kind enough.

Many our students tell us that they are a little shy or even afraid to communicate with Chinese people, not confident and avoid embarrassment. Sometimes, they just keep silent even you can understand and speak out.
Therefore, in every Chinese class, we have a lot of effective practice, to charge and upgrade step by step.In the class, you will be understood have a lot of practice with some challenging tasks in a supportive, comfortable and pleasant environment get feedback timely, effective correction, feedback of advantages and challenges get the right and clear guidance from your teacher to ensure youre moving on the right track
It is also very important to have an objective and correct understanding of Chinese language. After all, when learning Chinese, you will encounter various problems every day.

What makes our students are very look forward to every class is our teachers keep challenging students to express themselves in a better way.Its like you go to the gym for exercise, you can build up your Chinese muscle gradually!There is no shortcut to improve oral Chinese, just speak out and speak more!Dont be afraid of losing face. After all, you have only learned Chinese not as long as a Chinese, right? Maybe your Chinese is better than Chineses English.When you go out, remind yourself, "Today Im going to speak more Chinese!"
By the way, its a great experience to travel to a place where people dont speak much English, like S chun, H nn, etc. Have ever you tried it?
After 6 months learning, one student said:
This is a short record of speaking practice in a class, from Elena
We are definitely not just following the textbooks.What we want to bring Mandarin learners is make the accessible to Chinese community, the real communication skills!
Wanna book a free demo class to try out, to challenge your Chinese speaking?Scan the QR code to reserve a seat!What are your effective ways to improve your speaking abilities?Please leave a message to us!
Unlock Chinas potential by leaning Mandarin Chinese!


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