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Wednesday 16th September 2020

Eagles Nest is enjoying its on Autumnal dropping of leaves,  the pictures and mementos are packed,  I am getting ready to depart from an empty nest.  

It seems so strange - it is like removing the memories brick by brick,  so my home returns to being just a box,  an apartment without character and personality as from the end of the month it waits for new occupants.  

But my Eagles Nest follows me wherever I go,  wherever I lay my hat,  that's my home,  Eagles Nest.  

This weekend is Salsa Weekend and English Culture Corner welcomes the medium of dance.  

All forms of dance are like a blend of foreplay and lovemaking. He is like the dandy cock that struts around demonstrating he is worthy of her attention.  He has chosen his mate - his dance partner - and the show begins.  Meanwhile she dresses to impress him,  to highlight her sexy body,  her curves draw his eyes and excite him.  She is no dowdy frump,  she is no female panda,  she is a passionate lady and she will not be passive in this dance of love.  

The eyes fix on one another.  Looking into each other's eyes,  is like saying "We are going to do this and we will whoop and cheer as we engage in our dancing delights". 

Fingers touch but soon such mild foreplay is replaced by the bodies pulled next to each other with just thin clothes between each naked body. Body next to body and never still always gyrating to the beats of the music.  

The legs intertwine and wrap around each other,  but only for mini seconds as the movement is slow then faster.  

His shirt is open to the waist revealing his masculine muscle form.  Her cleavage is tantalising as her eyes demand his attention and challenges him not to stare at her firm breasts.  

Their feet stamp authority,  first he is in control and then she steals it back again.  

The music is thrilling and sexual as the body moves to the pace of the instruments that have joined forces they are no longer individual musicians but lovers united in the passion of erotic love.  

As the moments become minutes the sweat slides from his forehead,  whilst her skin glistens like small diamonds rolling down her body.  This is not for the inactive overweight,  this is the dance of love.  

She opens her body,  she wants him to enter her being.  She clings onto him tightly and they both try to get closer and closer so their is nothing between their bodies.  

Suddenly the crescendo is here,  the arms rise like a celebration of victory. They each enjoy an intake of breath as their energy reaches the climax then drifts away.  This is a moment to remember.

The music stops.  He smiles at her,  he is happy and she is satisfied by his performance.  The dance of the Dandy Cock.  He wants to shout - "I was so good." She wants to encourage him "You are the best dance partner - ever".  

Some come and dance the Salsa on Saturday Night at The Red Lion Pub.  Choose your dance partner carefully.!

>>> Message from The Storyte11er in the Eagles Nest,  Changsha

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(available until 8pm)

Aloha burgers, pizzas and quesadillas are superb! 

Available until 8pm. Welcome to eat in the Red Lion Pub! 

We have done a comprehensive disinfection of the premises, rest assured

Aloha 8

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(next to the Red Lion Pub)

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You may eat in the Red Lion Pub

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Nearest subway: Peiyuanqiao (L1); buses: 143; taxi rank outside the pub. We are located opposite a famous city church and just 1min walk from La Nova Shopping Mall. Find us behind the WOLL UP stakeboard shop and park. 
There is a Construction Bank ATM on the main street.



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