Eighth year of i2's 1% power

Eighth year of i2's1% power

First lesson of No. 1 Middle School in Yueyang County


1% may be a very small number, and it may respresent something infinitely small, but when countless 1 percents converge, they will form a powerful force! 2020 has been an unprecedented year for all of us, and while things are slowly getting back to normal, years from now, we will still remember that it was ordinary people who gathered all their energies and responsibilities to fight this epidemic. It was them who became the light that helped illuminate our way during the darkest times.  Finally 3 months after the outbreak of epidemic in Wuhan China things are gradually going to normal - the flowers have bloomed and the disease is disappearing.

With the effective control of the epidemic and the restoration of normal life, the long-awaited return to school has gone smoothly. The September school season has also arrived as scheduled!

On September 1, the No. 1 Middle School in Yueyang County, Hunan Province held the September 2020 opening ceremony as scheduled. Also as promised, there is this charity event---- "1% power" of i2 Education Group (hereinafter referred to as: i2) , that has been accompanying No. 1 Middle School in Yueyang County for over 10 years now.  Xu Pengfei, the vice principal of Yueyang County No. 1 Middle School, and i2 representatives Angela and Mark participated in the event together with all teachers and students, and held an award ceremony at the opening ceremony.

The Yueyang County No. 1 Middle School Scholarship Program is part of i2s "1% Power". The origin of the program comes from the founder of i2, Mr. Peng Qi. Mr. Peng Qi graduated from Class 118 of Yueyang County No. 1 Middle School. Although he has been away from school for many years, he still holds grace to his school. Having experienced all those ups and downs in his life, Mr. Peng is deeply aware of the public welfare responsibility of the enterprise to the entire society. Therefore, in 2013, Mr. Peng set up this charity project for his school. In every years school season, he rewards and subsidizes dozens of students with excellent academic performance and positive progress in Yueyang County No. 1 Middle School, so as to alleviate the economic pressure of these students in their studies. The project started in 2013 and will be held as scheduled during the school season each year. Since its establishment, more than 500 outstanding students from Yueyang County No. 1 Middle School have received scholarships established by i2. In addition to the establishment of outstanding student scholarships, i2 also added outstanding teacher scholarships in 2017. Dozens of outstanding teachers from this school have been selected and awarded with bonuses to thank them for their selfless dedication to education.

Although what i2 "1% power" can do may seem small, it is a great thing to stick to it year after year. As said by Mark at the opening ceremony  i2 said: Now, it is only the beginning of a small period for you, and your future has infinite possibilities. True beauty and success is not about becoming the richest or most popular person in the world. A simple and kind act of yours will make you a beautiful and successful person. Students, enter the new semester with enthusiasm and kindness, positivity and optimism! Study hard, and in the future, the world will become brighter and more beautiful due to the shining light of each of you!



It is said that the most beautiful scenery in a country are the young people in that country. The strong young people make the country strong!

I2, as an "old brand" of ten-year English education, has been a part of the public welfare project "1% power" since its establishment in 2012. It has been nearly 8 years since its establishment. The mission is to provide support for left-behind children in poverty-stricken areas and cities, international classrooms, charity scholarships and other activities, and establish rural teacher care funds to encourage and support outstanding rural teachers who stick to their frontline education positions. In addition, i2 has always rooted the concept of charity assistance in the hearts of every i2 person, organizing employees to participate in charity assistance activities in remote areas, helping mountain children to enhance language learning, communication confidence, and expand their international horizons.

The project leader of i2 "1% power" also said: "At i2, we often hear about this sentence:Achieve members with heart, and give back to society with love. At i2, we also get to see so many young smiley faces. This is not the first time i2 has attracted media attention. During the epidemic, i2 launched a number of public welfare measures, among which the public welfare activities of frontline medical staff have been widely discussed. On the road to public welfare, i2 is willing to cooperate with its peers in the education industry, shoulder social responsibilities, and protect every child and every family. This is also the responsibility that i2 has been practicing."

In 2020, all industries have been affected by the epidemic. As an education company, no matter how big the storm is, it is important that we can persist in fulfilling our responsibility to society and use our strength to promote positive energy to all sectors of society. This is also the process of making the whole country learn about i2 and our values.

Social responsibility is the cornerstone of an enterprise. An enterprise with warmth and a sense of social responsibility will win the respect of the public. We also believe that such an enterprise will go further and further in the future!

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