How do you order a milk teanich in Chinese

milk tea

Nich sh y zhng shnq de ynlio, ch h nini de xingy, pngzhung chrng rn hn qin mng ro de wido, rng rn ybbnng.Milk tea is a kind of magical drink. The encounter between tea and milk creates a breathtaking taste that makes people dont want to stop.
Zi dji shng, nich din yu li yu du, such kjin, rnmen shuzhng nzhe ybi nich.There are more and more milk tea shops. You can see people holding a cup of milk tea everywhere on the street.
N n xhun n yji de nich ne?Which milk tea do you like most?Dng n zu jn nich din de shhu, tmen zng sh go shng yu rqng de gn n dzhoh!When you walk to the milk tea shop, their staffs always greet you loudly and enthusiastically with.
Nn ho! Hunyng gungln!Hello! welcome!
Ynwi din nich de fngsh h suyng de zhngwn sh chbdu de.Wmen ji y y dindin wi l.Because the way of ordering milk tea and Chinese/expressions we need are more or less the same.Let's take " y dindin" as an example.
Din nich kishle!Here we go!


Fwyun: Nn ho, qngwn nn yodin shnme?Hello, what would you like to order?
W: W yo bixing gu ni qng.I want a Green tea with passion fruit milk tea.


Fwyun: Shnme bi xng? Zhng bi hish d bi?What cup type? Grande or venti?
W: Zhng bi.Grande.


Fwyun: J fn tng?How much sugar do you prefer?
W: Byo tng.No sugar please.


Fwyun: Ji bng ma?Would you like to add some ice?
W: B ji bng, q bng.No ice, thanks.


Fwyun: Hi yu ji sh me ma?Do you want to add something eles?
W: Byngle, xixi.No thanks.


Fwyun: Ho de! Bixing gu ni qng, zhng bi, b jitng, q bng.Okay! Green tea with passion fruit milk tea, grande, no sugar, without ice.
W: Sh de.Yes.


Fwyun: Ho de, qngwn n sh zhfbo hish wixn?Do you prefer Alipay or WeChat pay?
W: Zhfbo. Alipay.
Fwyun: Ho de, w so nn!Sure, I will scan your QR code.


Fwyun: Ho de, zh sh nn de hom, sshb ho.48Okay, this is your number, forty-eight.Qng zi pngbin sho dng!Please wait a moment!


Fwyun: Sshb ho de bixing gu ni qng hole!48The passion fruit cream on No. 48 is ready!


Fwyun: Qngwn nn ho dki xinzi h hish dbo?Do you prefer open it and drink it now or take it away?
W: Qng bng w dki, w xinzi h, xixi.Please open it for me, I drink now, thank you. Fwyun: Ho de! Gi nn!Sure, here you are!

Dng n lki sh, tmen rngrn chngmn rqng de gn n shu: Hunyng xi c gungln!When you leave, they still enthusiastically say: Welcome next time!  Rng rn qdizhu xi ybi nich, bjn jn sh rku d n yk shung , ysh yc ykui de gumi tyn.People are looking forward to the next cup of milk tea. It is not only "this is just right" when you take the first sip, but also a pleasant experience of get a milk tea. N xhun h shnme?What do you prefer to drink?

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