The very best of Hunan's hidden gems...


Hunan's hidden rural gems!

(and boy, some are quite stunning)

A recent trending article highlighted some of the stunning, rural beauty that is not so well frequented by tourists. Hire a car, get some friends together and find a home-stay while on the road to finding these precious villages and scenic areas. A great chance for some special Hunan photography and ethnic intake!

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No. 1 Xiang Shan Chong

31912.Xiang Shan Chong: 319 National Highway, close to Ningxiang


No. 2 DaWei Shan

16071607 meters above sea level is Dawei, east of Changsha.


No. 3 Xuefeng Mountain

,70,Xuefeng mountain is located in HongJiang, Hunan province. The Eastern XueFeng Mt peak area is 70 km from Guizhou city.

The winding roads in the peaks.


No. 4 Mysterious lakes of Tuokou

Mystery in the local waterways, floating in the sunshine on the clear water. So refreshing!


No. 5 Hang out in QianYang

. Kids play in QianYang.

. A peaceful town.

4013Qianyang City: located 40 kilometres south of Huaihua, Foodies, backpackers, young people and explorers must visit.


No. 6 Ming Dynasty temple of the Tian village

Zhongtiancun and its ancient architectural complex has extremely high historical research value, flanked by ancient military buildings and homes.

Very few buildings of this significance remain in Hunan now.


No. 7 Xiang Dong village

Located in Huaihua City, Hunan province, Tongdao Couty. A great area for exploring ethnic villages and minority customs and dishes.

-Littered with cool buildings, Xiang-dong is also a good place for hanging out in the sun, Enjoy a cup of tea on the terrace and relax.


No 8. Dongzhai area: the most beautiful in Hunan

. Zhai Dong village

. Xin Feng Luo Dong village

,700! ,Ancient Dong village in Tongdao County (Hunan), close to the juncture of the three provinces of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou, with sloping hillsides, more than 700 meters above sea level! Here, the Dong people live in an authentic village, in a preciously stunning backdrop.


No 9. Ziquejie terraces: masterpiece of the Hani people

. Layer upon layer.

82The Ziquejie terraced fields are located in Loudi city, Hunan and have more than 80,000 acres of such scenery. Some 20,000 terraces amount to the highest in the world (according to the Guinness Book of Records). This is a mainly Miao ethnic region.


No 10. Xuan Zhou in Hengyang city

107 North of Hengyang is this place, in Shigu district, close to the 107 national road and the high speed railway.


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