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24th October 2020: British Curry Tasting Event

Location: Red Lion Pub


The UK now celebrates National Curry Week every October. Indian food has long been popular in the United Kingdom: But why? Come to our free talk (and chance to enjoy some curry prepared by a British/Indian chef - payment necessary) to find out!  10 / -

The UK has adopted curry as a "National Dish". According to the National Curry Week website, in 2013, 23 million ate curry regularly. As its National Curry Week in the UK (9-15 October), we will share this great cuisine with the people of Changsha. 

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We therefore invite you to come to our special curry tasting party at the British-style Red Lion Pub on 2020.10.24. Join the presentation for FREE (like all UK-HN Association events). You can also book (and pay a deposit) to join the curry tasting. Dishes include classic Indian "Dhal" with curry beef and rice.  2020 10 24 ). DhalBritish chef consultant RAHI will give a brief talk about curry, along with hosts Damion and Jimmy, while we enjoy the food the British love so much!RahiDamion(Jimmy)Places are limited to 14 diners only. Booking necessary. Scan below to book and send payment of 40 by Friday 10.23 (6pm). Book now to avoid any disappointment. No refund possible as we will prepare the dish for a specific number of people.  14 1023 6 40

Be sure to write your name by using the "Add Remark" function when you send your payment.
Event starts at 6:30pm (food served at 7pm).Please let us know if you may be running late.Food cannot be served after 7:30pm to keep freshness. 6:30 7 7:30





Part I: Introduction from Jimmy

Part II: History & Popularity of Curry by Damion

Part III:  About Curry by Rahi


Sicheng Wang (Jimmy)

Damion Braithwaite ()

Rahi ()


116 The Red Lion. 

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