Artists on Artists, Ep. 2, October 29th!

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We're back!!!

Time for the second edition of Artists on Artists.
Together with Expat Services, we're hosting an evening celebrating the arts and artists, with free-flow beer, wine and food. What could be better?
Some pics from the first edition:


Which artists most inspire other artists? What do artists think we should be looking at and listening to right now?
Artists on Artists is an event series that presents artists from all fields to talk about the artist they admire the most. On October 29th, we have a painter, a poet, a singier-songwriter and a photographer each introducing one of their favourites.
This is not a snooty academic conference, it is a celebration of all things creative. Come and get inspired.
Did we mention there's free-flow beer, wine and finger food all night?! Yes? We did? Okay cool. Time to meet our artists.
Olivier Hero Dressen

Olivier is a Belgian film director and photographer based between Shanghai and Los Angeles. While combining photography, drawing, graphic design and video, his primary focus is character development and storytelling. Olivier's work includes collaborations as a creative director with talent such as Kobe Bryant and Sophie Marceau. His most recent short film, The Passport, His most recent short film, The Passport, recently received 59 nominations around the world with sixteen wins.

He will be talking about filmmaking giants, the Coen Brothers. Nominated for 15 Oscars, and winners of 4, they are known for movies such as No Country For Old Men, Fargo, Inside Llewyn Davis and The Big Lebowski. Their films are often noted for bridging the gap between arthouse and blockbuster, and weaving smart, intricate storylines with themes and characters of great depth.

Jason Schell

Jason Schell is originally from the Pittsburgh area (USA), but spent much of his artistic life in Mexico City. He teaches, paints, makes murals, and street art, and is currently the head of art at Yew Chung International School. 

He will be talking about two of his biggest influences as an artist, friends Libre Gutierrez and Jorge Moedano. Both are renowned painters and street artists living in Mexico City's historic center.


TaiNeah McGraw Howard (Tai) is a poet, singer, songwriter, pole dancer, and aerialist.  Although relatively new to Shanghai, she has immersed herself in Shanghai's vibrant artist community already performing in a musical, circus showcase and more. She is hoping to blend her love of circus arts and vocal performance for future projects. 
She will be talking about Pink. Iconoclastic beyond belief, Pink is an artistic tour de force. She has re-invented her sound and vibe successfully more than perhaps any other living artist. Tai is inspired not only by Pink's music, but also her embrace of aerial arts.


"My favorite books, art pieces, films, and music, always have something jarring about them."

- Pink

Max Yu

Max Yu is a Chinese-American writer and performer based in Shanghai. He has been featured in the New York Times for winning one of America's largest cash prizes for theater, the Relentless Award. His work has been published in Spittoon, Babel, and Westwind.
Max will be talking about American hip hop group Death Grips, who he cites as a key influence on his poetry. Death Grips are known for their genre-bending beats, in-your-face rap, and mysterious, dark lyrics.

Event Details
Date and Time
October 29th 2020 7.30pm-9.30pm
We International Hub, 1F 501 JiuJiang RoadNearest metro: East Nanjing Road
Event schedule
7.30-7.45 - grab some food and drinks, have a chat7.45-8.15 - first two speakers8.15-8.30 interval - more food, more drinks8.30-9.15 - second two speakers9.15-9.30 - more food more drinks.

All tickets include free-flow drinks and food! They are extremely limited, and comopletely sold out last time, so better to buy now to avoid disappointment. They are 68RMB presale, available through the QR code below, or 88 on the door (if we have any left). They include free-flow drinks and food.


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Venue Sponsor
We'd like to thank We International Hub, aka DoBe WE, for kindly providing the venue for this event.
DoBe WE provides a new way to work for enterprises and individuals. It is located in a beautifully renovated and restored old bank building, featuring tons of space full of sunlight, water and forest elements. WE provides office space and more to new and established companies. At present, the park's vendors include FRANKE, SENAB, Ses Derma, Airwalk, G-star and more.

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