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We here at What's New In Changsha have searched some of the better costume hire, accessory and fancy dress shops in town. Of course, unlike the major cities of China, options here are very limited, but with a bit of imagination, strolling the small stores and online inspiration, you can put together that devilish outfit that'll make heads turn! NOTE: If you find any of the info in here has changed, please let us know as we rely on your feedback. Check all stores before heading there. Know a better or new area or store to buy the essentials? Please let us know ([email protected]). Be sure to catch our upcoming Halloween guides too...


You can find a limited number of masks, plastic or foam swords, mini pumpkins and other such items at many of the small stores dotted around the small shops near schools. You may have to walk the streets nearby to find them, but there should be something on display for you to add to your main outfit. These stores may be very cheap, but also very limited in range.

Try heading to a large chain supermarket, like Carrefour (now only at Furong Square) or Metro, which often has a small range of scary items. Choice may be very limited and also a little expensive. But there is another reason for going there, you can buy 'other accessories' such as toy guns, wands and so on which may not appear Halloween'y but can go great with an outfit.

There are a few other areas with small stores that sell basic, children's Halloween items... these include, the toy shops opposite Changsha's Children's Hospital (ZiYuan Lu, close to Houjiatang/Loadong Lu, near Yali High School) and at the fairground of Lieshi Park at small kiosks.


We have found a good hire store in DongTang. If you're looking to go all out and impress, then it may be worth paying a visit to this city hire and sales outlet. The owner speaks limited English and has dealt with foreigners before. There is a vast range of costumes, from cartoon characters, traditional Chinese, Indian clothing and so on. In fact, over 100 items. Price is about 30-50 per day. See image below for phone number.



Upper Floor of Tongcheng Market (Dongtang Division), 1503

Take Bus 6, 8, 11, 15, 103, 120, 125, 143, 160, 314, 601, 705, 905, 906

You may find good stores in GaoQiao (this is the 'warehouse district' of Changsha, located between Mawangdui Lu and the Main Train Station). In the heart of this grid-like neighbourhood, awash with small business units, you may find a small department store. Get off at Gaoqiao North () Metro Stn on Line 5.

You will find, on one of the upper floors, Changsha's only really worthy costume store. Throughout the year they cater for all types of occasions but at Halloween this becomes an essential jaunt. To make life easier for you we went there and below you'll find their business card.

The store's name is shown below

It is set inside a mall in the heart of the 'warehouse district' of Changsha

You can find masks and props for most occasions. They also make great classroom activity props.

Probably the only place in Changsha with enough birthday bunting to make it look good

Wings, inflatables and plenty of Halloween stuff

They have a good range of children's outfits for kiddie party bashes

You can choose from various adult costumes

Braces, tie? Gangster look? Or Moulin Rouge feather scarves? All here!

Cowboy and girl hats, wigs and masquerade masks

The store is based on the far left wing of this rectangular mall in GaoQiao district, Changsha

A final area worth visiting, and much more convenient for most of us, are the small shops located on the upper floors of the mall which runs alongside the south section of Walking Street (above the McDonalds and the usual fashion stores). But upstairs, a collection of cosplay units selling a few types of accessories and some outfits can be found. The area, however, is quickly being converted into more high end commercial stores so this might not herald many results.


Taobao.com is China's main online shopping arena and has thousands of stores that you can search and buy clothing from. Although it's currently all in Chinese, the variety is great. Most stores are located in Guangdong and around Shanghai and at this busy time for Halloween stockists, you may risk not receiving your outfit in time for Saturday night's festivities. But it is a great, maybe the best, resource. For a bonus, you could try searching for a Taobao store in Hunan, to maximise delivery times. Most costumes are of a decent quality and represents great value for money.




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