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Scary Costumes

1. Mummy

Supplies: Toilet paper. A lot of it. Instructions: Wrap yourself from head to toe in toilet paper. Avoid using the bathroom or getting wet.

2. Zombie

You could be an extra on The Walking Dead with this fabulous, syrup-based blood and heavy makeup.

Supplies: Old clothing that can be thrown away after Halloween jeans and a shirt, pants and a jacket, a dress or skirt for women, etc. The more normal looking, the better. Gel or hairspray, white face makeup or pale (ivory) liquid foundation, dark eye shadow and eye pencil or liner (black or gray), baby powder, a makeup sponge or brush, corn or pancake syrup, chocolate syrup, food coloring. Instructions: Partially rip or shred the clothes especially the sleeves, hems and pockets. Drag them through dirt or mud, and smear on fake blood made by combining 1 cup corn syrup, 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup and 1-2 tablespoons of red food coloring. Try for a dark color bright red blood will give you a cartoon appearance. If needed, add a couple small drops of blue or green food coloring to darken the fake blood. Wash your hair the night before and let it dry as you sleep so it will look messy. You can also back-comb your hair or smear in a lot of conditioner for a greasy look, wear a lopsided bun, or create an up-do that is partly undone. Spray the finished look to keep it in place. Apply white makeup or foundation over your entire face and neck to create an unhealthy pallor. Use dark eye shadow to accent sunken areas of your face (around eyes, under cheekbones and chin). Brush or blot baby powder on your face to set the makeup and add to your paleness. Dribble fake blood into your hairline and let it run down your face. Pour blood into your hand, and then eat it to get a nice mouth smear, and let it dribble down your chin and throat. Walk slowly, move stiffly, wheeze when you breathe, act confused and leave your arms slack and mouth open. Lean forward and shuffle when you walk, dragging one foot behind you. Dont talk much (mostly grunt and groan), but ogle human flesh like its your favorite meal (which it is).

3. Zombie Bride

Supplies: Long white dress, white face paint or makeup, hair gel, dead flowers or fake black roses. Instructions: Mess up your hair and use the hair gel to make it look matted. Put on white face paint or makeup and carry your ghoulish bouquet. Feel free to add any additional touches from the costume above.

4. Vampire

Supplies: Velvet three-piece suit or dark slacks, white shirt, red (or brightly colored) vest, a long, dark trench coat and dark shoes. Youll also need white face paint, a pair of Dracula teeth, jojoba or other hair oil, black eyeliner and red lipstick.Instructions: Deck yourself out like Dracula and flip up the collar of the trench coat. Liberally coat your face, neck, and hands in the white face paint. Line your eyes with black eyeliner, and apply lipstick just to the insides of your lips. Slick your hair back with the hair oil and flash your fangs.

5. Scary Ghost

Supplies: Cheap white bed sheet from a thrift store like Goodwill, scissors, black marker, black eye shadow. Optional: chain links. Instructions: Drape the sheet over yourself and have a helper mark the sheet at the point where it hits the floor. Also ask them to gently mark the places to cut your eyeholes. Trim the bottom of the sheet an inch or two above the floor mark (so you wont trip). Cut out eyeholes and then use a black marker to outline them. Color the area around your eyes with black eye shadow to increase the creepiness. To amp up the scare factor, find some chain link to carry and shake.

Creative types can create a scary skeleton costume using only face paint. Photo by artur84, freedigitalphotos.net.

6. Skeleton

Supplies: White and black face paint.Instructions: Paint your entire face white. Use black paint to draw dark circles around your eyes and to fill in your bone structure. Wear regular clothes.

Real-life people

7. Farmer

Supplies: Cowboy hat, boots, jeans, plaid shirt, belt with large buckle. Instructions: Put on your best dancing boots, your favorite pair of Wranglers and the biggest belt buckle you can find for an authentic look. Add a rope or piece of straw in your teeth if you have it, but leave your horse at home.

8. Nerd

Get your revenge of the nerds with tape on your glasses and awesome high-water pants.

Supplies: Slim-fitting, straight-leg slacks (the higher-waisted, the better), white button-down shirt, white socks, black dress shoes, calculator, belt, dark-framed glasses, white tape, hair pomade or conditioner. Extra points if you add a plastic pocket protector with a mechanical pencil. Optional accessories: a slide rule, a protractor, sci-fi comic books, or a book about math, science or engineering.Instructions: Wear slacks and button-down shirt. Hem the slacks above the tops of your shoes (use masking tape for a temporary hem). If possible, hike the waistband above your natural waist; use masking tape under the band to stick the pants to your shirt. Tuck in the shirt and add an unattractive belt. Use the pomade or conditioner to slick your hair, part it on the side, and comb the sides back; create a fold in the front if possible. Put calculator or pocket protector in shirt pocket and wrap white tape around the middle of your glasses. Frequently push the glasses up to the bridge of your nose. Adopt a nasal tone in your voice.

9. Back to the 1970s

Supplies: Slim-fitting, bell-bottom pants or jeans hemmed just above the tops of your shoes (use masking tape rather than sewing them); slim-fitting, long-sleeve shirt with a small flower print and/or large collar and cuffs; large shades (sunglasses); and platform shoes. A woman can also wear big hoop earrings, a long printed skirt or dress, as well as hot pants with tights and boots. Other optional accessories: boom box, leather or macram head band, afro wig, wide-brimmed hat and a roach clip.Instructions: If you have long hair, part it in the center and wear a head band around your forehead; otherwise style your hair in an afro. Put on the pants, shirt and shoes. When you walk, bob your head and swing your shoulders. Adopt phrases such as Can you dig it? Funky! Groovy, Outta sight! and Keep on truckin.

10. Artist

Supplies needed: Paint-splattered smock, white button-down shirt, artists palette (make one out of cardboard if you dont have a real one), beret, old paint brush, washable paint or bold-colored makeup. Instructions: Wear the smock over dark pants and a flowy white shirt. Smudge a little paint here and there on your face and hands. Don a beret and carry your paint brush and palette. (Optional: Draw a goatee and thin mustache on our face using eyeliner.)

11. Bird Watcher

Supplies: Brown or khaki pants, button-up safari jacket, hiking boots, binoculars and large-brimmed hat. Optional: bird-watching guide book. Instructions: Wear all items and walk around looking through your binoculars. Periodically, flip through your bird-watching guide.

12. Virtual Worker

Supplies needed: Pajama bottoms, house slippers, white button-down shirt, blazer, laptop, phone headset. Instructions: Do your hair and makeup in a professional style. Wear shirt and blazer (optional: add a tie) on top and the pajama pants and slippers on the bottom. Carry your laptop. Wear the headset and periodically say, Please hold. Optional: Accessorize with kids or pets.

13. 1950s Woman

Creative hair and bright red lipstick pair well with bold patterns in these 1950s housewife looks.

Supplies: Sheath or shirt-waist dress with full skirt, 3-4 high heels with pointed toes, pill box or cloche hat or head scarf, short or long sleeve gloves, frilly chiffon apron, mink stole, thick head band, pointed frame eye glasses, Chanel No. 5 perfume, foundation makeup, eyebrow pencil and red lipstick. (Note: You will not need all supplies; choose from them for a specific look.) Instructions: Apply foundation evenly, define eyebrows with high arch using the eyebrow pencil, and apply lipstick. Hair can be done in a page boy, smooth up-do beehive or a French twist. Wear gloves and a scarf for a city look. Use gloves, hat, mink stole and updo for an on the town look. Use the head band and frilly apron for an at home look.

14. Old-School Reporter

Supplies: Raincoat (a trench coat is best), notebook, pen, camera with strap, paper name tag. Optional: fedora or green eyeshade. Instructions: Wear the raincoat and wrap the camera strap around your neck. Write PRESS on the name tag and put it on your chest. If you have a hat, you can stick your press pass on that. Carry your notebook and pen.

15. Sweet Dreamer

Supplies: Pair of flannel pajamas, slippers, stuffed animal, hair ties, teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Optional: Blanket to drag around, sippy cup filled with water.Instructions: Arrange your hair in pigtails (or braids), wear pajamas and slippers and carry your teddy bear and blankie.

16. Used Car Salesman

Supplies: Plaid jacket or pants (if you dont have access to an old suit, try second-hand stores), button-down shirt, hair gel, cigar, gold jewelry, car keys. Instructions: Wear the suit and sick back your hair using a lot of gel. Wear large pieces of gold jewelry multiple chain necklaces are good chew on your cigar, and carry the car keys.

17. Lady of the Evening

Supplies: Brightly colored, metalic or leopard clothing; the more mismatched or garrish the better. Short tight dress, or short shorts and bustier. Accessories include a handbag and patent leather boots or very high heels. Black fishnet or thigh high white stockings. Strong makeup. Optional: dollar bills and chewing gum.Instructions: put on your outfit and exaggerate your makeup using strong blush and red lipstick. Carry the handbag. Stuff dollar bills into your breast and let them hand out. Say things like No tricks, just all the treats you can eat!

18. Maid

Rubber gloves and cleaning accessories add to this easy maids costume.

Supplies: Conservative dress in black or light blue; white apron, sturdy shoes, compression stockings or knee-highs, hairspray, makeup, rubber gloves. Optional: feather duster, broom or bucket of cleaning products. Instructions: Put on the outfit, do your hair in a severe bun and hairspray it and do normal day-time makeup with a bright lipstick. Add the rubber gloves and choose a cleaning accessory to carry around. Dust or sweep something every so often.

19. Librarian

Supplies: Dress (either black or something with a busy pattern), cardigan sweater (extra points if its sleeveless), tights, sensible shoes, round glasses, book. Instructions: Put your hair either in a bun or part it down the middle and straighten it. Wear the outfit and glasses, carry around the book, and most importantly be sure to shush people all night!

20. Construction Worker

Supplies: Plaid shirt or work shirt, blue jeans, work boots, hard hat, tool belt. Optional: Hammer or tape measure. Instructions: Wear the outfit and every once in a while, try to find something to hammer or measure.

21. Nun

Supplies: full-length black dress with long sleeves and a large white dickie (or second hand turteneck with arms and lower body cut away); or a black skirt and jacket with white blouse would also work. Wear a black scarf or short black veil held in place by a white headband. Definitely wear or carry rosary beads. Do not wear makeup. Instructions: put on the costume and be sure to adopt a pleasing smile. Optional: carry a bible or a ruler. When trick or treating, say Your prayers may be answered. Trick or treat? Scowl and hold the ruler up if you have one, saying The golden rule is to treat others to treats!

22. Gold Miner

Supplies: Plaid work shirt, pants (or overalls), rubber boots, red kerchief, gold spray paint, pick ax, small pan, small bag, rocks. Optional: floppy hat. Instructions: Wear the shirt, pants and boots and tie the kerchief around your neck. Carry your pick ax in your belt loop. Wear the optional floppy hat. Spray rocks gold, then tie them up in the small bag and carry or tie to your belt. Show off your ores off as you trick-or-treat.

23. Coal Miner

Supplies: White t-shirt, pants (or overalls), work boots, red kerchief, dark eye makeup, pick ax, hard hat. Optional: headlamp. Instructions:Wear the shirt, pants and boots and tie the kerchief around your neck, and where the hard hat (with optional headlam). Create black smudges on your face, hands, and arms with the dark eye makeup. Carry your pick ax in your belt loop. Cough a lot and talk about black lung.

24. Fisherman

Wading boots and a tack vest lend a realistic vibe to this fisherman look. Add some hooks and lures if you have them.

Supplies: Pants or jeans, outdoor shirt tall rubber boots, fishing hat, tack vest, fishing pole, tackle box, hooks, lures or fake worms. Instructions: Roll the hem of your pant legs up to show off your boots. Stick a couple hooks in the brim of your hat or put some loose lures in a pocket of your vest. Carry your fishing pole, and use your tackle box to collect treats as you go from door to door.

25. UPS Delivery Worker

Supplies: Brown button-down shirt, brown pants, brown baseball caps, cardboard box. Optional: Clipboard and pen. Instructions: Sport full brown outfit and carry box around all night. Ring doorbells and ask for peoples signatures.

From pop culture and history

26. NCIS Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto (played by Pauley Perette)

A lab coat, pigtails and fake tattoo turn you into this NCIS babe.

Supplies: short black skirt or tight pants, black top, black platform shoes, white lab coat, black pigtails, heavy leather and metal dog collar, fake tattoos. Optional: 20 oz. lidded soda with straw or stuffed hippopotamus. Instructions: Dress Goth style in the clothes, put on the lab coat and braid (or attach) pigtails. Talk about testing samples with your major mass spectrometer, drink from your soda or hug your hippo.

27. Flo from Progressive Insurance

Supplies: White polo shirt, white apron, paper name tag with Flo written on it, blue marker, wide head band, red lipstick. Instructions: You either love or loathe this TV insurance commercial personality, and dressing as her makes for a recognizable and easy costume. Just wear a white shirt and apron. Use a blue marker to write Progressive on the apron and attach the paper name tag. Put the head band on your hair leaving the bangs out and swept to one side. Tease hair behind head band to create volume. Pucker up with your best bright red lipstick. Progressive even has a Dress Like Flo page and a costume for sale.

28. Troll Doll

Bright wigs and flesh-colored leotards create a great troll look. Add tutus or hula skirts for extra coverage.

Supplies: Nude bodysuit, troll wig, large costume gemstone. Instructions: Remember the troll dolls you loved playing with as a kid? Now you can be one. You will be completely covered up in this costume so its ideal for cold weather, but the tight-fitting body suit leaves little to the imagination, so be sure to buy the correct size. Pair the bodysuit with a bright-colored troll wig and sew or stick a gem to your belly. If the no-coverage look leaves you feeling exposed, add a tutu.

29. Ghostbuster

Supplies: Tan coveralls, black boots, black gloves, black elbow pads, utility belt, large backpack and a vacuum hose. Optional: black, red, and white duct tape, swim mask.

Instructions: Dress in the coveralls, tucking the pants legs into the boots and wearing the elbow pads and utility belt over the top. Stick the end of the vacuum hose into the backpack, and then aim the hose at anything that remotely resembles a ghost while you sing, Who ya gonna call? The black, red and white duct tape can be used to make official-looking patches for the coveralls; the swim mask will serve as protective eyewear if you encounter any ectoplasm.

30. Sister Mary Severity

Supplies: Several yards of cheap black cloth, a black long-sleeved T-shirt, rope or twine, white cardboard, staples, black stockings and shoes and a yardstick.Instructions: Cut a piece of cloth thats a two times your height less about six inches. Fold it in half and cut a hole for your head in the center. Put on black T-shirt, stockings and shoes and pull the black cloth habit over your head. Belt with a piece of rope or twine. Make a neckpiece and wimple out of white cardboard and staple well into shape. Drape remaining piece of black fabric over the headpiece. Grab a ruler or yardstick and threaten to rap the knuckles of every bad boy in sight. This look is particularly funny on a man with facial hair.

31. Greek Philosopher or Goddess

Wrap yourself in a toga with help from DIY instructions. Add the crown of laurels for authenticity.

Supplies: White bedsheet (twin or full-sized), cord or belt, safety pins Instructions: Click here for step-by-step visual instructions on appropriately wrapping a toga. Pin at the waist and shoulder to keep it from falling off and add a cord for style. Really Greek out by making a laurel wreath from twigs in your yard to wear on your head.

32. Brunhilde the Valkyrie

Supplies: Viking helmet (find one cheap at a party store or discount outlet), twin-size sheet, gold belt or length of rope spray-painted gold. Optional angel wings, pet dog, toy spear and shield. Instructions: Wrap yourself in the sheet and cinch it with the belt. Wear the Viking helmet. If you have a dog, put the wings on him and tell people hes your flying horse. If not, carry the toy spear and shield.

33. Prom Queen from Hell

Supplies: Old bridesmaid or prom dress (the uglier the better) from thrift store; torn black fishnets, cheap tiara, eye makeup and bright-colored lipstick. Optional: Length of material for sash, glitter and glue. Instructions: Rip the dress in places and create a jagged slit part-way up the leg. If you want to create a sash, take a strip of white material that is long enough to go across your body. Fold it in half and staple or glue the bottom edge. Write Prom Queen on the sash with glue and then sprinkle copious amounts of glitter over the glue. Put on the dress, torn fishnets and tiara. Apply heavy, dark eye makeup and let it smear down your face. Put on bright lipstick and streak it beyond your mouth.

34. Naughty Maid

Supplies: See Maid costume above. Short, sexy dress, short apron, fishnet tights, high heels, bold makeup. Instructions: Wear clothes and do your makeup in bolder colors. Play up your eyes, wear a bold color on your lips and add a beauty mark with an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner. Style your hair in an updo. Carry a feather duster and use it to tickle potential clients.

Fresh fruit piled high on top of a hat was Carmen Mirandas signature look.

35. Carmen Miranda

Supplies: Prairie skirt and peasant blouse from thrift store, straw hat, plastic or felt fruit, red lipstick, glue. Instructions: Glue plastic or felt fruit in a high stack onto the hat. Wear the skirt, blouse and hat, and apply red lipstick.



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