NO OOPS | What are the differences between "du" VS "gi"?

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Welcome to "NO OPPS"!  We would like to discuss the difference between "du" VS "gi" because they all has the same meaning as "to;  for" in English, Some of our students confused about the precisely way to use both two at the same time. Lets figure it out together. 

Join us and make your Chinese perfect!

Firstly, "" has another meaning as "correct; right" except as the main meaning of "to". 

For example, 

 N sh du de.


   You are right !

Tde hud sh du de.


    Her answer is correct!

Secondly, "" also has another meaning as "to give". For example,

 Gi w ybi kfi, xixie.


     A cup of coffee, please

 W gi pngyou yge lw.


    I give my friend a gift.

However, today we would like to talk about the difference when they both as a preposition "to".

 01 du

In oral Chinese, there are several frequently used structures as follows:

 Part I   

   A (du) B + (shu)/(xio)...

-- A said/smile to B


W du t shu:" N jntin hn pioling!"

I said to her: You are pretty today!

W jude t xhuan w, ynwi t zngsh du w xio.

I think she likes me because she always smiles to me!


A (du) B + (gn xngq)/(yu xngq). 

-- A be interested in B.

W du l sh gn xng q.

Im interested in History.


A (du) B + (yu bngzh)/ (miyu bngzh)/(yu yngxing)/ (yu ynxing)/(yu hogn)/....


Kn yngy dinyng  du  xux  yngy  yu bngzh.

Watching English movie is helpful to study English.


Dinsh  du  hizi de xngwi yu yngxing ma?

Does television have an effect on childrens behaviour?


N du Zhnggu de ynxing znmeyng

Whats your impression of China so far?


A (du) B + adj. 

--adj words: (ho)/ (r qng)...


Fwyun du w hn rqng.

The waiter is very warm to me.


Lobn du w hn ho

The Boss is nice to me.

 02 gi

as a preposition, it means "for; to" and always followed by someone in the sentence. 

Here are some structures as follows:

 Part I   

V + (gi) + someone + O. 

V: (sng)/(f)/(mi)/(d dinhu)....


W sng gi mma yge lw.

I buy a gift for Mom.

Losh rng w f gi t zuy.

Teacher asked me to send homework to her.


Nnpngyou mi gi w yge bizi.

BF bought a cup as a gift for me.


S++someone +V + O.


W gi mma mi le yg lw.

I bought a gift for Mom.

Lobn gi w d dinhu le

Boss call me.

W gi pngyou f le zhopin.

I sent photos to my Friend.

Zh ge ci sh gi n zu de.

This dish is cooked for you.

Now its your turn post your sentences in the comments and we will check and correct for you. 

Have a nice day!




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