Offline Open Speaking Chinese Class

Offline Open Speaking Chinese Class

Coming to China to stay is a great choice! You must want to be more independent and your life in China to be more convenient, and also to communicate and connect with Chinese families and your new friends.  

Learning Mandarin can help you step into the real world of China and enter Chinese life here.

Unlock China by learning its language and express yourself!


For HSK1: Ordering food&drinks

For HSK2: To compare, what burger do you like best?


15:00--16:00, 28th of October

15:00--16:00, 4th of November


Room 401, Chinese Surfing, 4th Floor, No.334 Fengqi Rd. Xia Cheng District, Hangzhou.



19.9 RMB for one class

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If you want to know more open classes for HSK3-6 and business Chinese, please contact Lili through the QR code below.

The more you practice, the better Chinese you will speak!

In this Speaking Chinese Class, you will get:

1 hours speaking with superb teachers and classmates.

Feedback from our team of teachers to help you learn Chinese effectively.

dk (a WeChat mini program) to make daily progress and win gifts and classes.

Daily Chinese learning materials and resources.

We know that you have been thinking about learning Mandarin Chinese properly for a long time, and just need an opportunity to move on, to speak confidently and fluently!

The Chinese class our students love

Focus on listening and speaking to build up the communicative abilities. Learning Chinese must be used in daily communication.

Practical. Topics selected are the most commonly used in daily life.

Effective. You can start speaking Chinese from your first class with us. Say goodbye to just babbling in Chinese.

Interactive and fun with your classmates and teachers. Double the happiness, double the effectiveness!

Some amazing moments of learning and exploring Chinese

How to sign up?

1. Scan the QR code below.

2. Our course consultant will contact you and help you register.

3. Pay for the class.

4. Get ready for class!



Q: What if I can not attend, or miss a class?

No worries, we will record the class so you can watch the video later, and the teacher will send the material and notes to you. You can then ask follow-up questions about class objectives or content.


Q: What if the timetable is not OK for me?

We will try our best according to the situation to adjust the timetable to meet your requirement.

Should you want to have private online and offline classes, we have more choices for all levels.

About Chinese Surfing  

Scan the QR code to sign up the Speaking Chinese Class.

Unlock China by learning its language and express yourself in Chinese!


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