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The UK-Hunan Association is a Changsha-based group of passionate influencers, organisers and interest parties who want to see Hunan and UK work together in a spirit of friendship. Our aim is to set up and run a series of high profile events across the city with different themes to promote UK-Hunan ties. If you want to be part of our informal team, or have a good idea for a cultural, educational or business event and want our assistance, let WNIC know: [email protected] Let's bring our great nations closer together!

A summary of our past events all based in Changsha with both British and Chinese guests and talented individuals includes / :

UK-HN 202010




October 2020: British Curry Tasting Event

Location: Red Lion Pub


The UK-Hunan Association held a British curry night and free talk. The topic of curry might not seem very British but, in fact, this mainly Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine is loved by the British. We may think of fish and chips, or high tea, but British also love curry so much that there is even a curry dish invented in the UK: Chicken Tikka Masala. Participants enjoyed a free talk on the history and variety of this food and then were able to enjoy a whole dish of curry beef with dhal and basmati rice in an authentic British style pub by chef/consultant Rahi who also answered questions on his curry dishes and how the food is usually served. A very enjoyable night.


UK-HN 202009




September 2020: Classic British Novels

Location: Hunan Library


A great, informative event was held in a beautiful room at Hunan's official library. The event focused on a range of classic British novels and novelists, from great classic works such as Pride & Prejudice to more fantasy based works like Lord of the Rings. The background and motivations of some of the writers were explored as was the social environment in which they lived. Hunan Library was the perfect setting for a literary event.

UK-HN 202008




August 2020: British Art with Mark Chatburn

Location: FAN DENG Books


In celebration of the best of British art, we invited guest speaker Mark Chatburn (UK) to come and give us a talk about his own works which were created during his time in Changsha as well as engage with the audience about classic British artworks. We introduced artists from Banksy to Turner, and works from classic paintings to album cover pop-art. A lively discussion followed set in a beautiful venue. There was also a chance to compare Chinese and British art styles and the meanings of artwork through our eyes.


UK-HN 202007




July 2020: Traditional English Maypole & Morris Dancing Event
Location: Red Lion Pub, Changsha

Families and visitors were treated to a small traditional English Morris Dancing show by two British nationals living in Changsha. The dance, which is hundreds and possibly thousands of years old in origin, is the official dance of England and is usually found performed in towns, cities and at festivals across England in the summer months. Children were then treated to a Maypole dancing event. They danced around a Maypole holding colourful ribbons which symbolise the innocence and beauty of summer. This is a celebration of nature and tradition.

UK-HN 202006




June 2020: Virtual Metropolis Childrens Show
Location: Bounce

Children and families were treated to a special storytelling show with Peter, also known as the Storyte11er. Peter runs a series of small, cosy and very friendly cultural meetings across Changsha where people can learn more about the UK and its fine traditions. Why not try some scones and English-style tea while watching Downtown Abbey or enjoying a talk with Peter and other British guests who live in and enjoy Changsha?


UK-HN 201912




December 2019: British Charity Christmas Market
Location: Guojin Mall, Changsha

The UK-Hunan Association launched its first event with the support of WNIC and other local city partners to bring the people of Changsha a fun and exciting market in one of Changshas most centrally-located malls, near IFS (Guojin Mall). The event celebrated Christmas and traditional Chinese culture together and included shows such as the Virtual Metropolis childrens show, Swing dancing, traditional Qipao dance and other local performers. Stalls raised money and gifts for terminally ill local children in the Butterfly Childrens Hospice which is a British charity based in Changsha.

WNICIFSStallsButterfly Children's Hospice

Would you like to hold an event with us? Do you have special interest to promote Hunan to the UK? Would your business like us to organise a British-style cultural activity? Would your children like to meet British professionals and teachers? Do you want help visiting the UK?
Let us know! We welcome you. UK-Hunan Association is assisted by WNIC: [email protected]

[email protected]

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