Train like a Hollywood Star?

Train like a Hollywood star?

2020 starts surprisingly, that every day and everything become different. If anything the COVID-19 has ever taught us, it should be experiencing as much as possible in life, and strengthening your body


For example, the "Flowbeat Workout & Coffee Afternoon". Within one hour, you will understand the sustainable happiness that DANZ natural movement for function training will give us, as well as various other benefits.


DANZ natural movement for function training is a fitness training methodology established by Hollywood special body trainer Daniel Z, which refers to the compound exercises engaging muscles and joints: 

Daniel Z

including exercises to activate spine and spinal nerves ; 

exercises to activate blood circulatory system; 

exercises to revitalize nervous system, etc., which correspond to the various needs of fitness, shaping, weight loss, etc.. 

His followers can achieve the ideal body shape within the shortest period, following this training system.

It is quite different from traditional fitness training. 

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Flowbeat is a high end personal training studio, on which Daniel Z, Hollywood special body trainer, invests for the first time in his career and manages personally.

Daniel ZDaniel Z

All courses are designed based upon the system of DANZ natural movement for functional training, and delivered by Daniel Z himself.

Located at a quiet, high end community in Gubei District of Shanghai, with a floor space of 400 sqm, sunny and airy, Flowbeat provides a third space to every client.


Address2nd floor, No.37, South Cuiyu Road, Gubei District (close to East Hongsong Road)


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