ExS - Events Selection - 10 to 28 Nov 2020


Expat Services is gathering for you the main events occurring in Shanghai from various organizationsEach event comes with a flyer with a QR code. Scan it with a long press to register.

If you want to list an event, please contact our Client Service on WeChat: ExS-SH (138 1757 2920).


Tuesday Smart Talks - November 10th

Moving Up, On or Out

by Gabor Holch


NEC Yacht Cruise - November 14th

All White Yacht Party


gre3n - November 15th

From 4 to 8 pm, gre3n will hold a sunset Fundraiser rooftop party at eat n work, one of the best view in Pudong. Creative designers will bring their story and products for auction, all proceeds will be donated to PPAR.


AFIT - November Offer

Who says 11/11 is the loneliest day in the world? AFIT want you to be extra happy in the season of DOUBLE 11 and so we are giving out awesome deals! Click HERE to know more about it.SPECIAL DEALS for ExS followers:GET Special 11/11: TRIAL FITNESS PASS for only RMB111.1 or FREE !1st-Time Special 10 Class Package for only RMB 1,111And Join Active 30 challenge, this time we like to raise awarness for blood donation, join us for a good cause!


AYFS - November 16th

Are You Feeling Shitty? is a mental health support group and community, free and open to all. It is dedicated to providing substantive help to anyone who feels blue.


Tuesday Smart Talks - November 17th

How Society is Redefining the Role of Business

Julie Parekh


Teranga Valley - November 18th

Teranga Valley is a platform where like-minded businesspeople of any nationality in China can meetup and learn from each other.

"TERANGA" is a Senegalese word that means Welcome! We believe we are all in a learning curve, so it doesn't matter whether you are a student or a professional. Everyone is welcome to join & share their valuable experience.

We gather entrepreneurs and professionals to give speeches and motivate the new generation of entrepreneurs or people aspiring to become entrepreneurs.


HI LIVE - every Monday


Pitch Bootcamp - November 21st


Flowbeat - every Saturday

Workout & Coffee Afternoon

Scan for more info and add WeChat ID: danielz0547


Dernier Cri

Shanghai Cultural Agenda

Just scan to read their last selection

about concerts, theater, opera, dance...


Tuesday Smart Talks - November 24th

Logistics in China

Konrad Godlewski


Abacare Health Talks - November 24th

Healthcare in China 101

Olivier Tang - Aurelie Allusse


Monday Jam - every Monday

A project created by STARGAZE events

Join our community to meet new and exciting people and spend an unforgettable Monday with some of the coolest and by far the best people in town with a special host making sure you enjoy every moment, an exciting secret room, there will be fun and thrilling party rules, games which include Never Have I Ever, Cards Against Humanity and many more, along with a special unique vibes that will surely stand out from your typical Monday night!


Teranga Valley - November 25th


Wine Tasting Cruise - November 28th


Hedonia - November

Hedonia is an official Approved Programme Provider (APP) of WSET in Shanghai, China, currently delivering the following programs:
  • WSET Level 1 Award in Wines
  • WSET Level 1 Award in Wines Online
  • WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
  • WSET Level 2 Award in Wines Online

Courses are delivered by professional wine educators from Europe, making Hedonia one of the very few centers in China offering WSET programs in English.

Next courses on November 14th & 15th for Level 2.

More information on http://en.hedonia.cn/wset


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