Tempeh, often called as tofus cousin, is finally in China!

Ever heard about Tempeh? We are all familiar with tofu, a lovely staple in Asian diet. Similar like tofu, tempeh is soybean product but firmer in texture with slight fermentation fragrance, originated from and consumed daily in Indonesia. 

Tofu & Tempeh are often served together

in Indonesian dish

Tempeh consist of mainly whole beans and takes 3-4 days to make, thus explaining its higher price than tofu. It is a good source of protein and fiber, with variety of vitamins & minerals, yet low in cholesterol and sodium. Thanks to its nutrient content, tempeh is now gaining popularity worldwide, recently being credited as a meat alternate in the Child Nutrition Program by USDA Food and Nutrition Service.
Currently popular among global chefs, healthy food enthusiast, whole food plant based consumers, and of course the Indonesians who embrace tempeh as staple food for the last 400 years, tempeh is barely heard of in China. Until last month.. when three Indonesians set up a humble tempeh factory in Songjiang, Shanghai and start making tempeh under Rustos Tempeh () brand. 

Rustos Tempeh in China
Rusto, the icon of Rustos Tempeh China, is an Indonesian who established tempeh manufacturing facility in Japan since 1997. After many years of hard work, tempeh become popular and available all across Japan. He also co-founded Rustos Tempeh in Mexico, Korea, and now in China. 

Rusto and his tempeh product in Japan

While we cant travel much due to current pandemic, we surely are glad there is something new in town to talk about! If you are an adventurous foodie, or just want healthier food options, tempeh is definitely a must-try. 
Rustos Tempeh is now available in their WeChat shop (WeChat ID: RealTempeh), taobao, and some online platforms. Or if you are just too busy to cook, you can always find delicious tempeh menu at 75WHD (ex Bali Bistro, 75 WanHangDu Rd, Jingan, Shanghai)

Tempeh with String Beans Stir Fry 

(photo courtesy of 75WHD)

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