BREAKING: China Suspends Flights Between China and UK

Taking into account the practices of other countries, China has decided to suspend flights between China and the UK due to the new virus strain, Chinese Foreign Ministry announced.

Today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said: Recently the UK has announced the discovery of a mutated strain of the new coronavirus and has notified the World Health Organization of the relevant information. 

Many countries have also announced that they will close their borders, suspend flights to and from the UK, and ban the UK. Measures such as flight entry. 

Taking into account the particularity of the mutant virus and the possible impact, in order to protect the healthy exchanges between Chinese and foreign personnel, after a full assessment, China has referred to multinational practices and suspended flights between China and the UK. China will closely follow the relevant situation and dynamically adjust relevant control measures as appropriate. 

(CCTV reporter Zhu Ruomeng and Kong Luyuan)

Source: CCTV

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