Situations May Seriously Affect Your Work Visa at End of 2020

As the end of the year is approaching, there are some situations that may seriously affect your work visa.

Please pay attention to avoid unnecessary consequences.

The current office address is inconsistent with the one in the system - The work permit could get canceled. 

Please carefully confirm with HR of your company whether the office address submitted in the Foreign Expert Bureau System is consistent with the current office address. 

If the current office address is inconsistent with the one in the system, your current work permit and visa could be affected since the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau is closely investigating the matter recently. 


Update the office address in the system as soon as possible. (The employee need to go to the Foreign Expert Bureau and the company HR need to accompany)

For specific details of updating the office address changes in the system, please feel free to contact VisaOfChina team.

Tax issues - You may unable to transfer your work permit to a new company.

If you want to switch jobs or resign at the end of the year, please pay attention to whether the current company pays taxes legally. 

If there are tax problems during your employment, you will not be able to cancel your work permit in time. Therefore it will affect your work permit transfer to a new company.

For details of work permit transfer, please contact VisaOfChina team


The company has to make up for the taxes, or one needs to make up for the taxes by him/herself.

Only in the second year, one can make up for the previous years tax, but the work permit could have expired by that time, so please pay attention to it at the end of the year.

Can't meet application conditions at the end of employment -  The work permit cannot be extended, transferred or canceled.

If you are starting a new job and applying for a new work visa recently, please confirm with the company or the visa agent that assisted in the application about the specific conditions of the application. 

If you need to promise a certain amount of salary (eg: four times the local average income) or apply with the 60 points system, please confirm with the company that it will pay taxes according to the regulations. 

When leaving the company, the officials will check the tax record. If the tax payment does not meet the application conditions, the work permit cannot be extended, transferred or canceled.

So you should make sure the personnel assist your work visa application is professional.

Risk Warning

The above situation affects individuals more than enterprises. Therefore, employees need to pay close attention to protect their rights and interests when applying for work visas.

If the above negative circumstances occur, they will be recorded in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China once discovered, and the record will affect your future applications for Visa to China.

If you have any questions about visa applications, please contact our visa consultant Alex (WeChat ID: AnyHelperAlex).

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