What the Company Must Do When Transferring your Work Visa?

At the end of the year, many people choose to pursue new job opportunities. This means that your work visa needs to be transferred to a new company.

This article summarizes what the original company and the new company need to do during work visa transfer. Please keep them in mind to avoid unnecessary consequences.

The original company needs to guarantee:


Provide valid release letter

  1. The release letter needs to include the position, the start date of the job, and the date of resignation.

  2. The letter must be stamped with the company's official stamp to be effective.


Provide your tax record of the previous year

If your previous work permit was Type A, or the applicant promised salary received multiple times than the average, you have to provide tax records when you cancel your work permit.


Help you cancel your work permit

Under normal circumstances, the 'Service system for foreigners working in China' can only be logged in with company accounts. Therefore individuals cannot cancel their own work permits

So you must confirm with the company that they will cancel it for you.

Methods of work permit cancellation:

  1. The company needs to cancel it for the employee.

  2. Automatic cancellation after it expires.

  3. If the employee has a conflict with the company, it can be canceled through judicial channels.


 You need to cancel residence permit for work by yourself

You need to cancel your original residence permit for work within 10 days of leaving your old job.

Applying for a work visa at the new company includes:


Update information for your 

work permit card

1) The company must be registered at the Foreign Experts Bureau to apply for work visas for foreign employees.

2) The application requires the labor contract with the new company and the company license attachments and other documents.

3) If you do not have valid academic certification notarized before, you need to do academic certification notarization first.


Apply for a

 residence permit for work

  1.  A work permit is required in advance when raising the application.

  2. Generally speaking, the term of a residence permit for work is one year.

  3. You need to provide a registration form of temporary residence when processing, and you must ensure the authenticity of your address so as not to affect your work visa.


VisaOfChina Team could assist you and your company regarding cancellation/ application of work visaseducation certification and more visa solutions. We can:

  1. Ensure that the application process is in compliance with laws and regulations

  2. Provide timely risk warnings

  3. Assist you to deal with it calmly in case of investigations by police officers, avoid leaving a negative record. 

If you have any questions about China visa applications(work visa, PU letter, company registration and more), please contact our visa consultant Alex (WeChat ID: AnyHelperAlex).

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