When and How Will the Police Investigate Your Visa?

Recently, many expats have been investigated by the Shanghai Entry-Exit Administration Bureau for their visas. 

This article summarizes the situations in which one will be investigated and the form of the investigations.


Situations one  is highly likely to be investigated

1. Now those who apply for residence permits for more than one year will be investigated. (Shanghai)

(Applying for work permit, applying for work permit as the legal representative of the company, applying  for entrepreneur visa)

2. If there is no relevant application record before, such as applying for a work permit for the first time.

3. If you transfer your Q1/L/M visa to a work visa.

4. If the police officer believes the position which you apply for a work permit or the business scope of the company is unclear or mismatched

5. If you had negative records before, such as overstay, false materials, etc.

6. Random checks are possible as well, short-term visa holders may also be checked.


Form of the investigations

1. Phone verification

The police officer will call the contact number left by the company during work visa application or your personal contact number. They will ask about the specific situation of your work, such as location, position, businesses of the company, etc. 

Normally if it is consistent with the registration information during the application, there will be no problem.

2. On-site inspection

The police officer will go to the workplace or your residential address, ask the above questions and request relevant materials, including but not limited to labor contracts, work content information, chat records during work, income payment record,

3) Be asked to cooperate with in-person inquiries

One may also be asked to go to Entry-Exit Administration Bureau for inquiries.


Mr. X has his own company, has a bachelor's degree and two years of work experience. He applied for a five-year residence permit for work. During the application process, he was investigated and received a call from the police officer requesting to send materials to an email address.


 What should you pay attention to

1. When applying for a visa, ensure that the application process & materials are in compliance with laws and regulations. (Do not provide false materials)

2. After the application, it is recommended to receive risk warnings from professionals.

3. Once investigated, it is best to have professionals to assist in handling in time, to avoid leaving a negative record and affect your future visa applications.


VisaOfChina team could assist you at all stages of visa applications.

  1. Ensure that the application process are in compliance with laws and regulations.

  2. Provide timely risk warnings.

  3. Assist you to deal with it calmly in case of investigations by police officers, avoid leaving a negative record. 

If you have any questions about China visa applications(work visa, PU letter, company registration and more), please contact our visa consultant Alex (WeChat ID: AnyHelperAlex).

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