116: The BIG Stand Up Comedy Show!

The 10th

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This January! Changsha Comedy Club brings you the stand-up comedy showcase like never before. 

Fahd (Host)

First and the only Arab comedian in Wuhan, founder of Wuhan and Changsha comedy clubs. The organizer of comedy shows around China. Hosted and organized shows for famous comedians such as Joe Wong, Andy Curtain, Muhammad Magdi, and Kevin Jay.

Nicole TooMuch

Nicole has performed bitterly hilarious standup across China for several years. She takes a deeper look into the grim parts of life and teases out the fun. She also teaches Chinese and studies Psychology.

Lily Ma

A rising star on the Chinese comedy scene, Lily Ma is a regular feature act in Shanghai and on headlining tours across China.  She is also a frequent roast battle competitor and competed in the inaugural Shanghai Roast Battle. Her traditional Chinese background blends with her passion for cutting-edge Western stand up. This unique cultural fusion plus her keen millennial perspective of sex and feminism has made her one to watch.


Josh, hailing from England brings his northern charm... and accent. His dark humor drives through the hardest of subjects, from kids, death, and the British Empire. This committed comedian has toured around England, China and nowhere else (thanks covid).

Caitlin Conners

Caitlin Conners is a California born adventurer, teacher and comedian. After graduating from university in her small hometown, she decided it was time to make some memorable and monumental changes in her life. Since moving halfway around the world and traveling solo across Asia wasnt nerve-racking enough, she decided to give comedy a try. Caitlin has hosted and participated in comedic debates in Xiamen, performed in Shanghai, the United States, and opened for a variety of different comedians, including Joe Wong. The relationships and confidence she has gained from her experiences have been an essential part of making her the person and comedian she is today. She has developed her childhood stories, dark imagination and stint as a sex educator into material that represents her genuine and ridiculous nature on stage.

Shoaib Baloch

He is from Pakistan, well known for his rebuttals, has done many shows in home and abroad, featured in 2 films and currently busy with a weekly comedy show on TV. This is all true for a Pakistani comedian but Not for Shoaib Baloch, he is just a beginner.

Megan Monroe

Megan Monroe is a twenty-two-year-old comic who was indoctrinated in the practice of improvisational comedy. She was a lead performer for her alma maters Improvaholics from 2016-2018. As she entered the throes of old age, she was unable to stay awake for the midnight comedy shows and retired from the sport indefinitely. That is, until she discovered the stand-up scene in Wuhan, which fortunately holds shows earlier in the evening. While Monroe doesnt typically prepare for her sets (see, improvisational background) she draws on her personal experiences to create an often much-too-intimate experience for herself and the crowd, which she hopes leaves everyone feeling just uncomfortable enough to come back for more.

Save some cash and buy tickets! Scan the QR code for tickets. Or WeChat: fattahsaleh. Doors open at 6:00 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm Saturday, January 16th 2021. See you there!

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Event Date: 2021.01.16

Event Details:

Tickets - 
Presale: 70RMB (Presale ends January 5th)
Normal: 88RMB (Ends January 15th)
On the door: 100RMB

Place Name: Red Lion Pub, Changsha

Place Address: 89

Discuss this topic, come relax and improve your English for FREE every Saturday at the Red Lion Engish Culture Club!

Every night the Red Lion Pub is open from 7pm (6pm on Saturdays) with happy Hour 7-9pm, and you can enjoy the burgers and pizzas in the restaurant next door to eat in the pub.


(available until 8pm)

Aloha burgers, pizzas and quesadillas are superb! 

Available until 8pm. Welcome to eat in the Red Lion Pub! 

We have done a comprehensive disinfection of the premises, rest assured

Aloha 8

Food by 


(next to the Red Lion Pub)

Order before 8pm

You may eat in the Red Lion Pub

Aloha NEW opening times

Tue-Sun 10:30am-8pm 

7-9pm - HAPPY HOUR

All draught beer only 20


Nearest subway: Peiyuanqiao (L1); buses: 143; taxi rank outside the pub. We are located opposite a famous city church and just 1min walk from La Nova Shopping Mall. Find us behind the WOLL UP stakeboard shop and park. 
There is a Construction Bank ATM on the main street.



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