IMPORTANT UPDATE on System for Foreigners Working in China


Service System for Foreigners Working in China

The Service System for Foreigners Working in China was updated on Monday (Jan.11th).

Due to the upgrade, several problems occurred (from the feedback of our operation team and clients).

  1. Applicants cannot see the previously submitted application materials.

    (It's mostly solved since Tuesday)

  2. The accepting officials cannot see the previously submitted application materials.

    (It's mostly solved since Tuesday)

  3. Some applicants cannot login with the previous username and password.

There may be other problems in the future. If you encounter other problems when using the updated system, you can leave a message with us and we will gather the feedback.

Due to system updates and the approaching of the Chinese New Year holiday, the processing time of work permits is expected to be longer. 

In order not to affect your visa and daily work, please prepare materials in advance, preferably with professional assistance.

New Entry Link

The system entry is changed and you can scan the code below to enter the system.

The procedure of Login to the Updated System 

NOTE: The system is in Chinese only.


Enter the new entry link and choose user login


Choose legal person login (the button in the middle), input your username and password.


Click the button in the picture to start the foreigner work permit application.


Confirm the account information by clicking the button below.


Then you can enter the original system and start the application process.


VisaOfChina Team could assist you and your company regarding cancellation/ application of work visaseducation certification and more visa solutions.

Account Verification

Due to the system update, every companys account in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China needs to be verified again.

Materials required for verification again

  • A scanned copy of the legal representatives ID card.

If the legal person is a foreigner, you need a scanned copy of the front and back of the passport page (signature and company stamp required)

  • Scanned copy of the handling persons ID card and mobile phone number.

If the handling person is a foreigner, a color scanned copy of the front and back of the passport page is required (signature and company stamp required)

  • Mobile phone number, company office address, and email address of the legal representative

  • Color scanned copy of company business license


The system is only in Chinese. 

If you need assistance from professionals, VisaOfChina Team could assist you and your company regarding cancellation/  application/ transfer of work visas and more visa solutions.

We could:

  1. Ensure that the application process is in compliance with laws and regulations

  2. Provide timely risk warnings

  3. Assist you to deal with it calmly in case of investigations by police officers, avoid leaving a negative record. 

If you have any questions about China visa applications(work visa, PU letter, company registration and more), please contact our visa consultant Annie (WeChat ID: AnyHelper-ss)

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