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Of course you must know English Drama Class is a very good way to learn English!Have you ever had a chance to learn Chinese through a Chinese Drama Class?

Hangzhou is a fabled city of ancient history and present wonder, with a rich cultural tradition of myth and legend, among the most famous of which is the story, The Legend of White Snake.  Essential to this story are some famous landmarks that can be visited today: the Broken Bridge, Leifeng Pagoda, and Yongjinmen

Yes! Thats right!

This summer we will practice and perform The Legend of White Snake, an immersive and memorable experiences to help you learn Chinese!

Why learn Chinese through Chinese Drama Class?

1.Scenarios both natural and dramatic can stimulate your ability to use language.

2.Immersed in Chinese experience and expression, you can make full use of voice, body language, props, music, and art to build your confidence and improve all dimensions of your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese!

3.With interesting class activities and tasks, you will find that learning Chinese is not necessarily repetitious or tedious, but it can be engaging and fun!

4.Learn more about Chinese culture!  Imagine the stories you can tell your friends when you visit West Lake together!

5.Student-centered with different learning methods and teamwork in mind, we can work together to accomplish the task, perform a presentation and have a show!

What is a benefit of learning language through acting?

You will find that not only your brain can remember and speak Chinese, but you also build up Chinese muscle memory!

Mission complete!


Will I need to learn the ancient language of Chinese opera?

Do not worry!  

The teachers have adapted the text of the story to make it suitable for our students, and

our activity will comprise commonly used Chinese words, not the literary ancient script.


Must I be a great dramatic actor?

Performance is not the purpose. Don't worry about performing well or not, as our aim is for everyone to have fun and learn Chinese better through drama.

Play and Schedule

The Legend of the White Snake

Long ago in the fabled history of Hangzhou there was a boy named of Xu Xian. By rare happenstance he ingested three magical pills of immortality, which a sage promptly had him regurgitate into the lake. In the lake there dwelled a practitioner of the Taoist magical arts, a spirit in the form of a white snake named Bai Suzhen. On that day she was at the surface, and quickly devoured the pills one by one. Such was their potency that the spirit was imbued with a magical ability sure to last half a millennia. Looking upward at the young Xu Xian Bai Suzhen was filled with sudden gratitude, and so their fates become intertwined.

Class Schedule

Minimum necessary Chinese ability:

HSK2 to HSK3

Group Size:

4-6 students


No. 334 Fengqi Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

 Cost:Tuition is 1800RMB for each two week batch of classes.
Early Bird Special:150RMB off until the 12th of July.Or bring a friend together to receive the same discount!
The cost includes:8 Chinese Drama ClassesFeatured materials, audio, videoMakeup, props, costumes

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