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Make a BIG Impact 


Help Our Children 

The Butterfly Childrens Hospice (BCH) is again taking part in the annual Tencent Foundation online donation programme and we need your help toreach our goal! Donate in the next three days and Tencent will add a further donation, up to double your amount! The much-needed funds will help us with our relocation plan C a new, modern dream home for our adorable and fragile little children. Please dig deep. Every RMB helps. You can make a big difference. Find out how you can take part below. Dont forget to spread the word by sharing this article!

Butterfly Children's Hospices


BCH was founded by UK couple, Lynda and Alan Gould, with the ambition of alleviating the suffering of life-threatened children and their families in China through the introduction of childrens palliative care services.  Working in co-operation with the First Changsha Welfare Center and health care organisations, then developed models of loving palliative care and treatment that suit the local situation and values culture.

Embracing physical, emotional, social and spiritual elements, palliative care focuses on enhancement of quality of life for the child and support for the whole family and includes the management of distressing symptoms, provision of respite and care from diagnosis through to death and bereavement.

By starting with children who had been orphaned or abandoned, direct care could be provided to meet these childrens needs, while demonstrating the benefits of simple palliative care and developing a model that could be rolled out more widely, ultimately reaching families to support them and prevent the need to abandon their child as they had no other hope.

In 2010, Butterfly Childrens Hospice in Changsha was set up to provide loving care and treatment for very sick, abandoned babies and children. In 2011, it was officially registered as a non-profit organisation by Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau, and was certified as a charity in 2021.


Impact of BCH to up 2021 

As the First Childrens Hospice in China, BCH has become a beacon for childrens palliative care, advocating, inspiring and training excellence in holistic childrens palliative care services.

In the 11-year history BCH:

  • Opened 2 Butterfly Homes in two locations, Changsha and Nanjing

  • Cared for over 214 children, 116 of whom received loving end of life care.

  • 38 children survived and have been adopted into loving families forever

  • Held four national conferences (two in Changsha, and one each in Beijing and Shanghai) to promote the concept and understanding of childrens palliative care (CPC) in China, making connections with leaders in the health and social care world and bringing in experts to assist

  • Translated medical resources and provided the first educational video in Chinese to help grow understanding of CPC

  • Gave countless lectures at hospitals, universities, conferences and other events throughout China

  • Started a weekly nurse-led clinic for families at Hunan Provincial Childrens Hospital

  • Trained 10 Chinese nurses to give basic palliative care for children

  • Signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with amajor childrens hospital to provide consultancy, training, education and research, assisting staff to develop services for childrens palliative care

The BCH team has received numerous awards and recognition both in and outside of China, including co-founder Lynda Gould given honorary membership of the national China Care for Life Association and an MBE awarded by the Her Majesty Queen HRH Elizabeth ll in recognition of services to China.

Spreading Butterfly Wings 

When the Butterfly childrens Hospice was opened in 2010, the greatest need was for care of babies and children born with life threatening conditions, most of whom were at the end of their life in the orphanage. Provision and access to good health and social care services in China is improving all the time, as are the standards, skills and knowledge of health and social care professionals.The Butterfly Home has been a great model to demonstrate what childrens palliative care (CPC) can look like. However, the strategic aim has always been to spread the concept and significantly raise awareness of CPC throughout China.BCH is now concentrating on partnerships with the Government, hospitals and professional associations, to develop and support holistic models of childrens palliative care across China.

Theres more to be done and we will continue to:

  • work with partners to continue developing appropriate service models in hospitals and into the community for families with life-limited children

  • strengthen, embed and demonstrate the concept of childrens palliative care

  • input into government policy on health care

  • provide opportunities for delivering customised and appropriate, accredited training and education in the field

 The Welfare Days 

The Tencent Foundation started to hold the The Welfare Days every September since 2015 for charities. It has become the biggest fund- raising event in China so far. Since then, the three event days of 7th, 8th and 9th September, initiated by The Tencent Foundation, has become a phenomenon-level national charity event with the largest number of participants, the widest influence, and the most diverse scenarios in China.

 Why do charities want to join this event? 

Tencent has prepared RMB300million to support all of the charities. Meanwhile, they also called on companies to participate either with the "Enterprise Double Donation" part or just Group Funding. Therefore, individuals who donate to us in the next three days, could get their donation doubled.

BCH has joined this fund-raising event for the past four years. However, this year (the 11th of year of Butterfly Children's Hospice) we intend to relocate to new premises, so we are in desperate need of support to renovate our new home.

 How to Support US  

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