4 Awesome Trips for Adventurers in China

Hello, I am Cici from Gopara.

Since I shared my experience of skydiving, paragliding, etc, lots of expats were surprised to know China has all those outdoor activities. And, mostly importantly, with English service or courses!!

Yes! China has everything for u.LOL


Your life  is deserved to be Awesome!!

You come all the way to China, to explore a totally different culture and environment, I know most of you guys are true adventurers in life. That's why I approached more instructors to collect all those fun sports for you.

Next time, when you plan for your holidays,

 birthday or anniversary, why not explore 

sth different here, try a new hobby, 

and get closer to more like-minded people?


It's not cheap. 

3-5k for a tandem jump.49k for English course. BUT....surprisingly, it's still in the to-do list for 90% outdoor lovers.

There is nothing as liberating and exciting as throwing yourself off a moving plane. NOTHING

As soon as you are 13,500 feet up in the air, you jump off and free fall like a bullet, into the clouds for about a minute. During this time, you feel pretty invincible. Like superman on steroids.

You are King of the world!


Tandem Skydive

Price: 3-5K

Locate: Shanghai/Guangdong/Beijing/Chengdu/Hainan

Learn Skydiving Solo

Time: 14-21 days

Price: 49000rmb

Get: Thrill of Jumping Solo + Certificate A by USPA

Locate: Guangdong


It is the purest form of flying. 

You just have a backpack that you carry up a mountain, when the weather is good, you can just fly. 

No engine noise, just you, on top of the world, enjoying ultimate freedom, along the seashore,

over the moutain, across beautiful lakes

With the wings, you can fly up high, at any place you want. Explore the world in a different angle, where no one else can.


If you always dream of flying, wanna taste the thril freedom, definitely try this one!

Learn to Fly Solo

Dates:multipls dates.Pls check availability with us.


3-day, 3680rmb. 

7-day, 8000rmb, for Certificate A 

Unlimited courses, 12800rmb, for Certificate A+B

Get: Flying solo + Official Certification.

Locate: Chengdu


A holiday by sea combines the charm of the countrys mainland with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the ability to cruise through stunning coastal towns, islands and bays on your own time.

Diving into clear blue water and bathing in the warm sunshine on deck...sounds  Terrific.

Learn Sailing

Dates: multipls dates. Pls check availability with us.


2 days, 5800rmb(level 1)

4 days, 9800rmb(level 1+2)

Get: ASA,  official certification

Locate: Suzhou, Shenzhen


Kitesurfing is one of the most thrilling water sports. The rush you feel from being lifted up in the air by the winds power does not compare to any other type of surfing.Its pure adrenaline!

it's more independent than sailing, and has a tremendous amount more power if you want that, The best way to describe it is it's as if you have superpowers. Some people describe it as like wakeboarding behind a helicopter.

Learn Kitesurfing

Dates: multipls dates. Pls check availability with us.



(fundamental course)

5-7 days, 7600rmb (standard course)

Get:  official certification

Locate: Fujian, Hainan

More? scuba diving, surfing, skiing....guess you can easily get access to them in China. What's on your to-do list, triers?  Go for it!

Don't listen to what thet say. Go see!!!

I have dozens of discounts for you. Limited numbers.

If you are interested, add my wechat. Let't have fun together~



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