Alert! Do You Know What Your Work Permit Can Actually Do?

Alert! Do You Know What Your Work Permit Can Actually Do?

Foreigners who are employed in China must get a work permit and residence card (known as work card in sum). 

In this article, we will shed a little light on the importance of your work permit in China.

Why Work Permit?

Work permit is a must to work legally in China, and it has clear requirements for your company, your job position, and your working area. 

Now the government carries on a very strict review process towards people employed in China. So, no matter which industry you work in, commerce or acting, please make sure that you hold a legal work permit, and work-type residence permit.

Article 43

Any of the following acts of foreigners shall be deemed unlawful employment:

  1. Work in China without obtaining work permits or work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations;

  2. Work in China beyond the scope prescribed in the work permits; or

  3. Foreign students work in violation of the regulations on the administration of foreign students working to support their study in China and work beyond the prescribed scope of jobs or prescribed time limit.

Source: Exit and Entry Administration Law of the PRC


These Acts Are Illegal: work with a Student Visa, personal affair visa or family reunion visa, Tourist Visa.

Please notice: If you work illegally, you might face administrative punishment or even eviction!

If you need assistance with Work Visa Application, please feel free to contact VisaOfChina team!

What's on Work Permit?

Foreigner's Work Permit is issued by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(. 

The front side is sealed with the national emblem of China, as shown in the picture below:

The backside includes personal information, including your work permit type (There are 3 types: A/B/C), ID photo (2 inches, white background), name, sex, nationality, date of issue, authority, work permit number, QR code (scan to get your work information).

Alert! Someone Might Use Your Information!

As shown above, the QR code on your work permit can be scanned by any digital device, which means that your private information might be leaked:

  • Work Permit Number: Each cardholder has one unique number, which can be used to check your visa application in Service System for Foreigners working in China.

  • Company name, address, and your job position.

  • Valid period of your work permit: 12 months in general. 


Some illegal agency might scan the QR code on your work permit card, and use your information to do something illegal through the system.

Hereby, when sending pictures of your work permit, please make sure you cover the QR code or blur it via photoshop. 

VisaOfChina team is committed to protecting our clients' privacy and giving them a great service experience!

What Can You Do If You Lose It?

As regulated in Service System for Foreigners Working in China, if you lost your work permit, you would need to sign up in the system on the day as soon as possible. In addition, you would need to take your re-application form, lost and damage statement to the authority where you should reapply. 

Source: Service system for foreigners working in China.

If you need assistance with the Replacement of work permit, please feel free to contact VisaOfChina team!

Save A Photocopy!

Please notice, if you have left China or change your visa, make sure you have saved the photocopy and relevant information of your work permit, which are indispensable when someday you need to apply for work permit again. 

If you have any questions about China visa applications(work visa, PU letter, company registration and more), please contact our visa consultant Anna (WeChat ID: AnyHelper_Anna).

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