All You Should Know About Coronavirus Test in China

All You Should Know About Coronavirus Test in China

When it comes to nucleic acid tests, there has been a lot to talk about. How to book an online appointment? How long is it going to take? How to get paper copy or translation copy?

In this article, we will explain the steps with a few examples.

I. How to book your slot for coronavirus test online (via WeChat)

Booking online can be super easy and will save you a lot of time on site. Search the official account/mini program on WeChat, find the appointment section, click in and fill the form. 

Here is an example of Healthy Jingan (), where you can make medical appointments in Shanghai hospitals.


  • Search on WeChat and go to official account.

  • Click ----&

  • Fill your information in the registration form of registration: ID number, full name, phone number, address...

  • Add your card on the system and pay

  • Go to hospital on the day of appointment and get your test done


    Online appointments can't guarantee that your test can be done on the same day. So if you are in urgent need, you should go onsite directly.

  You might also need to sign a form in some places, which is to prove that you didn't lie about your current health condition (as known), and you didn't lie about your travel history (for the sake of disease control and tracking).

   Once you sign the form above , it means that you are fully responsible for your deed and any behavior against disease control work will be seen as a breach of law.

II. How to Complete Coronavirus Test in 20 Mins Without an Appointment?

Though nowadays people can't live one day without their phones, sometimes, it can still be quite tricky and exhausting to do everything online, especially when you do not understand Chinese well or do not know how to add your bank card on the hospitals online payment system. 

Well, do you know you do not need to book a slot online beforehand? Instead, the only thing you need to do is to go to the hospital.

Here taking Shanghai Eighth Peoples Hospital as an example, we will explain the whole process for you.


  • Get up early (as early as you can to avoid a big queue) if you want to get test results on the same day

  • Take your ID, get inside hospital. if you dont know where to go, just ask at the entrance and claim that you need a nucleic acid test.

  • Take out your phone, take a picture of the guiding procedures in the entrance, which you might need to use later (Important!). 

  • Go straight away to the register, where you'd get registered and a medical history card (which is worth saving for future use)

  • You can either pay on the machine or pay at a window (normally 60 yuan). After you pay, you can get a receipt, with which you can go to the test site. 

  • Take your test, and you can go back home and wait for your result, which will be sent to your phone hours later.


If you need a paper copy of your test result, you can go to the hospital where you did the test and print it. This is for the need of someexpats who didnt come through the test procedure with WeChat to who have been told that they shall only travel if they show the printed certificate at borders.

When there're not so many people in the queue, the whole process usually takes about 20 minutes. And you probably will get your test results in the evening on the same day.

Only throat swab is available in this hospital! If you do mind how your test is done, you should call the hospital first to check.

III. How to get an English report when required?

Well, as we researched, only a few hospitals provide English test reports. So, if you need one, youd better contact the hospital you want to go, or directly search for an institution with the service provided online. 

Here we take St.Lukes Hospital from Shanghai Jiao Tong University - School of Medicine as an example. (No appointment needed!)

What you should take:

ID, phone, masks and yourself


  • Register

    1. There is a designated area for coronavirus test in St.Lukes Hospital, which is located at the west entrance of the hospital. 

    2. There is a big sign with a QR code for registration. Dont panic if you dont understand anything. Several workers are there to guide you scan the QR code and fill your information in. The registration takes about 4 minutes.

Here is the translation if you do not understand how to fill in the info

  • Get tested

    After you successfully register for your test and pay, show the interface to the worker, and get inside the site, where you can see a lot of test windows. Join the queue and get tested.

  • Collect your report after approximately 6 hours

  • Find a glass house at the right hand of hospitals west entrance, give your report to the nurse inside and ask for a translation copy.


  Only English copy here! If you need your report to be translated into other languages, you shall go to the 6th floor of the hospital. -Translation process only takes 1 minute.

  No passport number written on the translation copy, so double check your name is correct.

IV. Nucleic acid testing centers told to deliver results faster

Reported by ChinaDaily, Nucleic acid testing centers have been urged to make some improvements:

  • Nucleic acid testing institutions are urged to return testing results within 6 hours.

    The National Health Commission said on Oct 26 that nucleic acid testing institutions should provide services around the clock and strive to return testing results within 6 hours.

  • Digital form to be provided for public convenience 

    Testing centers are required to further reduce the time it takes to give results and promptly send them to the public in the digital format.

  • The capacity of testing equipment should be fully tapped with the prerequisite of ensuring accuracy.

  • Rapid testing kits to be used for less time needed

    They are also encouraged to use rapid testing kits based on local situation to cut down on waiting hours.

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