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We're back!!!

After three completely sold out Artists on Artists (the last one sold out in just 24 hours!), we're back with the fourth edition.
Together with Expat Services, we're hosting an evening celebrating the arts and artists, with free-flow beer and wine, with hummus and bread. What could be better?
Some pics from previous:


Which artists most inspire other artists? What do artists think we should be looking at and listening to right now?
Artists on Artists is an event series that presents artists from all fields, talking about the artists they admire the most. On October 20th, we have a composer/photographer, a street artist, a musician and an animator each introducing one of their favourite artists.
This is not a snooty academic conference, it is a celebration of all things creative. Come and get inspired.
Did we mention there's free-flow beer and wine, with hummus and bread?! Yes? We did? Okay cool. Time to meet our artists.

It's no exaggeration to say that Dezio has been one of the most influential street artists in Shanghai over the past 15 years. He's created countless murals, and through his organisation Urban Art United, has given a platform to many other street artists to do the same. His artistic practice goes beyond the roadside too, in the creation of graffiti-inspired canvases and wood-panel sculptures.

Dezio will be talking about graffiti icon Futura. Futura rose to prominence in the 1970s, alongside Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, largely through pioneering abstract street art. While others at the time were focused on lettering, Futura combined text with rich imagery, creating an interplay between words, lines, white space and colour. He was one of the first street artists to gain success in mainstream fine art galleries, and is now widely collected.

Rachel McInerney AKA Gargoyle Girlfriend***

Anyone on the music scene in Shanghai right now will know of Rachel. Singer of band Snuff Disco, and co-founder of underground art & music extravanganza Kaos, she's also frequently found performing and DJing under the solo moniker Gargoyle Girlfriend all over the city. On top of all that, Rachel is also a visual artist who plays with as many different styles as she can. She's simply a powerhouse of creativity.

Rach will be talking about Canadian musician Spencer Krug. Perhaps best known as the frontman for band Wolf Parade, Krug is one of the most prolific musicians out there, having put out 25 albums, both solo and with bands, in the last two decades. His drive to create new sounds, and pair them with poetic lyrics and powerful melodies, puts him in a perpetual cycle of re-invention. A musical nomad of sorts, his work, and his personal journey in creating it all, perhaps speaks best to restless souls.

Iaki Pirola***

Iaki Pirola is a musician, composer and photographer from Basque Country, Spain. The artist aims to combine both his biggest passions to tell his audience a whole story with a simple shot or piece of music. Most recently, he's been working on a series of videos with originally composed music, showing a slowed-down view of Chinese urban centres. They're simply breathtaking.

Iaki will be talking about Homay Schmitz, a German composer best known for being an essential part of the Spitfire Audio team. Her vast knowledge of music theory and virtual orchestral programming has led her to be known as one of the most outstanding and respected new generation of composers. Taking a non-traditional route, Schmitz has garnered success not only as an in-house composer for Spitfire, but also as a solo artist with her debut release 'Speak Up'. 


Siraj is an animator and designer. After having worked in motion design in New York for a few years, he moved to Shanghai and started his own studio, Xense Media. Siraj works with a variety of media, from painting to stop motion, CGI to photography. Like many of the other artists we feature, he is multidimensional, always seeking new techniques and forms through which to explore his creativity.

Siraj will be talking about Leondardo da Vinci. Many of us know the name and some basic facts about da Vinci, many of us will have heard that he was a genius, but not all of us will know exactly why he is considered to have been one of the greatest minds in history. A painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor and architect, da Vinci made an impact on the world too large to measure. And yet Siraj is going to try... in a ten-minute talk. Good luck, Siraj!

Event Details
Date and Time
October 20th 2021 7.30pm-9.30pm
White Space23rd Floor, 238 East Nandan Road23823
Event schedule
7.30-7.45 - grab some food and drinks, have a chat7.45-8.15 - first two speakers8.15-8.30 interval - more food, more drinks8.30-9.15 - second two speakers9.15-9.30 - more food more drinks.

All tickets include free-flow drinks, with bread and hummus while it lasts! Our first three editions completely sold out (the third edition sold out in 24 hours), so better to buy now to avoid disappointment. Early-bird tickets are 68RMB (up until October 14th). From October 15th, advance single tickets are 88, or doubles 150. Single tickets are 98 on the door (if we have any left), doubles will be unavailable.


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