What might be the coolest thing we can do this lifetime?

Are You Up to the Challenge?

Nothing could be more thrilling than 

jumping out of a plane, especially, 

Jump On Your Own!!!

Hello, I am Cici from Gopara.

In former posts, I shared the info of skydiving in China. I know it's popular, but didn't expect so many of you asking about learning to skydive solo here.

So, I collect more details for those who are keen on adrenaline rush, who wanna jump on top of the world by themselves.

Learn to Skydive:

Accelerated Freefall

Commonly called AFF, this course is designed by the United States Parachute Association (Most widely recognized system) to teach you all of the necessary skills and knowledge for solo human flight. 

Upon completion of this program, you will be certified to skydive alone and work towards the coolest license that earth (and sky) has to offer!

What to Expect?

Skydive from 13,500ft with your own parachute, on your own.

 Skilled instructors teaching you the art of solo human and canopy flight!

Freefall for about 60 thrilling seconds alongside instructors.

 4 C 6 minutes of breathtaking canopy flight on your own.

 Endless bragging rights.

AFF Program Overview


Ground training

Starts with 4-6 hours of ground training known as our First Jump Course (FJC), youll learn everything about your first jump and also all the skills and information needed to keep you safe and carry you throughout your skydiving career. 


Jump with two instructors

For the first 3 AFF levels, the student will be accompanied by two USPA certified AFF instructors who will maintain safe, positive control of the student in the air, while giving corrective hand signals, regarding proper body posture for flight and also assist in the parachute deployment if necessary. 


Jump with one instructor

As students  progress to the advanced levels the off the AFF program (levels 4-7) only one instructor per jump is required and is sufficient for safety and training purposes. 


 Jump Solo

Upon completion of the 7 levels, you will be cleared for solo skydiving. Begin to complete the necessary requirements to achieve the USPA certified A license of solo skydiving.

A required minimum of 25 jumps for the 'A' license, with the initial 7 AFF jumps counting towards the 25 total.

Since then.... Fun jump~

Jump at any clubs you want.

Sign Up For AFF Course

Time: 14-21 days.

(You can take the course separately.)

Fee: 49000rmb

which includes the following:

USPA Instructors assisting you on your skydive

 Gear rental(parachute, jumpsuit, goggles, altimeter)

 Lift tickets to 13,500ft(Highest in Guangdong)

 Your solo sky dive

 Detailed post-jump debriefing

 Repack of your parachute

 Cool Skydivers Logbook

Not include:

Accomadation/ Meals/ Transportation


How to enroll the course?

Contact us.

Confirm the available time.

Leave the deposit.

Get ready for your thrills!

About The Base

It's the ONLY club in China with renowned instructors who can offer bilingual courses. Locate in Guangdong. 

USPA Group Member Dropzone.

To advance in your certificate...

you have to take at least:

25 jumps for A

50 jumps for B

200 jumps for C, which allows you to take camera when jumping.

500 jumps for D, which means you can apply for tandem training.

If youre bored with your job, we can also train you to become a full-time professional skydiving instructor (>200 jumps).

If you are already certificated pilots...

1 Fee for each jump, 250-300rmb.

2 Gear rental, 260rmb for one jump.

3 You can also jump with other certificates.

To those that jump, no explanation is necessary. 

To those that don't jump, no explanation is possible.



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