Why 100,000+ Expats Are Using This WeChat Grocery Store?

If you are an expat living in China who needs to buy some products online, we really recommend you to try EYCA Expat SHOPPING - one of the best and most welcomed English WeChat shop to expats.

When you live in China, you certainly know some online shopping apps like Taobao, JD or PDD. 

However, the apps are all in Chinese:(

So, is there any app in English that we can easily use to buy groceries and some brand appliances?

The answer is YES!

With the idea: to be the easiest way for expats to shop in China, 6 years ago, EYCA  originally started on Taobao. Until now, Its sold over 100,000 products to more than 40,000 customers in China mainland, Hongkong, Macau and overseas. 4 years ago, EYCA Expat Shopping was founded and opened in WeChat.

Why we recommend you to use it?


Super Easy to Use

You dont need to download/register: EYCA Expat Shopping is like a mini shopping program based on WeChat and user can just shop now after following the official account and setting address. 

Its in full English: Not only the user interface, customer service, but also the product descriptions are all in English.


A Wide Variety of Foods & Appliances

No matter you are looking for Indian food, Russian food, South African food, Halal food, Mexican food, U.S nutrition supplements, etc, or you are searching for brand appliances like Midea, Haier, TCL, etc,  EYCA Expat Shopping is a place that meets your needs!

EYCA Expat Shopping Display


Free Shipping Acticity

All the food items (P.S. Except some special ones) in EYCA still enjoy Free Shipping! (the shipping fee will be automatically removed when total price over 199RMB). You can add the items to cart and submit together, the fee will get removed!


Great After-sales Serivce

EYCA Shopping adheres to the principle of Customer First. Plus, with amazing English customer service for pre-sale and after-sale, whether you have question for the products or even delivery problem, it will be there for you every step of the way, friendly and promptly.

Besides, it has 7 day no reason return after-sales service, and EYCA can also help customer book Kuaidi / Express service to your home to pick up the parcel if you have trouble sending goods back. Plus, they will communicate with the courier if you dont speak Chinese. 


Get 50RMB no limit coupons now!

Good news! We are very excited to announce that WorkVisaService is having close cooperation with EYCA Expat Shopping now! You can automatically get EYCA's 50RMB shopping coupons if you join EYCA today!

How to go to EYCA Expat Shopping?

Simply click the name card below, and follow the official account  Get the coupons and become EYCA's member  


P.S. After you follow EYCA Expat shopping, you will become a member and enjoy more members privileges such as double shopping points, get monthly coupon, etc.

Scan QR CodeFollow EYCA Shopping

The easiest way for expat 

to Shop in China

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