1125: WNIC Thanksgiving Dinner & Xmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The 10th

WNIC (What's New in Changsha) is celebrating 10 glorious years of providing FREE and subscription-free city info about jobs, news, events, places, people and important contacts in and around Changsha. In our ten years, we have held large-scale cultural activities, assisted hundreds of expats on their life here and provided platforms to satisfy all interests. We still need your valuable feedback and ideas so we can strive to improve our free service. Join us in promoting Changsha and in strengthening our work.

WNIC is very pleased to announce the 2021 Thanksgiving buffet at the Kempinski Hotel Changsha. The Kempinski has one of Changsha's most outstanding buffets in Elements and we have secured a huge reduction from their normal (walk in) price of 298 to offer you a full dinner buffet, with turkey, sauce and alcohol, for just 

*** 216 ***

(includes tax)

You are also cordially invited to attend the Kempinski Changsha's 

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony


Choir Singers

6pm on 2021.11.25

Places are limited so please reserve now as we can accommodate only 12-18 people 

(pay on arrival, seating is together)

Contact us via our official wechat account 

or by email to join the namelist

[email protected]

Or add Damion on wechat: dbraithwaite

Check out Orange Lounge Party last May

This offer is only available by booking and dining with WNIC

Special Pass Around:


Thanksgiving Turkey

(Traditional Roasted Turkey and Roasted Turkey with Special Chinese Chili sauce and cranberry sauce)

Selected Tai Hu Hairy Crab Pass Around


Crab baked with cheeseSteamed hairy crab

Ingredients: hot yellow rice wine, hot ginger tea, ginger red zheJiang vinegar sauce 

Special dishes for Thanksgiving day

Roasted Ham with cloveHoney roasted corn

Roast chicken with German beer

Pan-fried Foie Gras with apple sauce

Selected Pumpkin Dessert

Special Pumpkin soup

Thanksgiving Turkey salad 

Seafood ice tank station

,, ,,

Sea conch, mussel, red shrimps, Crab

Seafood in seafood sauce

TaiHu lake crab and mango shellfish


Salmon, Tuna, Octopus Foot, Snapper, Hiddace

Mixed Sushi

Crab warship sushi

Seaweed warship sushi

Salmon holding sushi

Eels hold sushi

The tuna holds the sushi

Sweet shrimp holding sushi

Mixed vegetable hand rolls

Seasoning & Condiment

, , , , , , ,

Thai sweet chili sauce, lemon wedges, ginger vinegar, seafood sauce, soy sauce, cocktail sauce, wasabi, tabasco

Japanese cold dishes

Seaweed Salad, Octopus with Mustabi, Sesame Cuttlefish Baby, Japanese Red Ginger Slices

Western Salad


Beef: beef tripe, beef bellyPickled pepper beef

Vegetablestofu skin, smoked bean curd, kelp, lotus root, potatoes, and lettuce

Other: crispy sausage, crab, Cantonese sausage 

4Marinated Assorted

ox tripe Bovine tendonDuck headDuckgizzardLotus rootkelp knot

Organic mixed green salad bar

, ,,,

Romaine lettuce, frisee lettuce, lollo losso, butter lettuce, ball lettuce

,,,, ,

Cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweet corn, red kidney bean, kindly bean

,,, ,,, ,

Croutons, bacon, Parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, thousand Island dressing, anchovy fillet Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar 

Thai hot dish

Tum Yum Goong Soup

Green Curry Chicken

Fried Yellow Curry Crab

Pad Kra Pow Gai

Three Flavored Sea bass Fish

Fried Beef with Chili Paste

Thai Roasted Pork Neck

Spicy Stir Fried Rice Noodles

Fried chicken with cashews

Black Sticky Rice with Taro

Fried cassava lobster slices 

Carving station

Roast lamb with vanilla

Roasted Crispy salted pork

Pan-Fried Mixed vegetables



Ketchup, red tabasco, Dijon mustard

Fried Rice with pineapple


Element signature pizza

Fruit pizza

Cod fish


BBQ&BBQ station

Roasted oyster with garlic sauce

Grill beef steak

Lamb chops

Grill chicken

Grill baby silvery pomfert

Squid Street

Chicken wings



Black pepper sauce, chilli powderSweet sauce

Local Dish Station

Braised turtle in brown sauce

Dry pot spicy bullfrog

Cucumber and perilla Pelteobagrus

Hairy crab meat and turnip soup

Fried rice with pork and egg chopped with chili

Fried Green Vegetables

Stemed rice

Chinese style stew

Stewed Pig's feet with yam

Stewed local chicken with pork stomach

Steamed dish

Steamed abalone with garlic vermicelli

Steamed scallop with garlic vermicelli

Stew Chicken with chopped pepper and Cordyceps flowers

Pickled pig bone

Steam soup

Dried longan duck soup

Fresh ginseng stewed in chicken soup


BBQ Station & Chinese marinated station


BBQ duck, BBQ pork bellyBoiled Chicken

Condiments & sauce

, ,,

Garlic sauce, soy sauce, plumsauce, chili sauce 

Chef  live station

Lanzhou beef noodle soupOil-splashing noodles

Local Noodle

Changsha signature rice noodle

Changsha soda noodle

Braised beef brisket noodle/rice noodleBraised rib with mushroomBlack fungus pork


2 kind of vegetable, 2 kind of mushroom


, , , , , ,, ,

Chopped chili, dried radish, pickled long bean, preserved local vegetable, chopped spring onion, coriander, chili oil, vinegar, soy sauce, Fermented beancurd, LABA bean

Changsha Snacks:

Black classic stinky tofu

Wax gourd mountain sausage 


Cheese cake

Chocolate brownies

Red Bean Cake

Chiffon Cake

Black Forest cake

Fruit Tart

 Chocolate Foundait



Egg Tart



Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo

Passion fruit juice



Cinnamon Rum Raisin Roll

Multi-grain malt bread

Rye walnut bread

Fruit station

5 kinds of sliced fruit


7 kinds of seasonal wholefruit

Iced fruit juice


Orange juice, pineapple juice,grapefruit juice, apple juice



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[email protected]

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